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ROLL ART HIGHLIGHT: Artist Christie Sheele, Studio Tour AND Opening Show at Albert Shahinian Fine Art

by Editor

Christie Sheele, A weekend of ART

First, on Saturday & Sundy:
Open Studio/​Shandaken Art Studio Tour
. 11 – 5 Saturday & Sunday, 15 Park Road, Chichester, NY, 12416

Then, on Saturday evening:
New Pastels, Albert Shahinian Fine Art
, July 21-​​September 16, Reception July 21, 5-​​9pm, 22 East Market Street, Rhinebeck, NY, Christie Sheele pastels in one gallery room with the pastels of the late Alex Martin in the other room.

Skyline with Sunset

Whether she is painting in oil, pastel, or mixed media, Christie Scheele’s message is carried on atmospheric elements of light, air, and moisture. By softening her images’ shapes and lush colors behind a silky veil, viewers are free to gather their own message or simply a stirring — perhaps a forgotten memory or dream.

In Scheele’s eyes, the more minimalist her artwork, the more evocative it is. “I prefer the shape to be simpler, so the eye doesn’t get snagged on too many things, including brushstrokes,” she says. Images of big sky and water — pools, marshes, tidal rivers — abound in her work.

—review, Cape Cod LIFE

Gleam on Turquoise Sky

Gleam on Turquoise Sky

Blue-Green Wall

Blue-​​Green Wall




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