Creamsicles, Re-​​imagined

Creamsicles, Re-​​imagined

Summer has come on with a vengeance this year, and for some reason, the summers we remember are always more glorious than the one we’re experiencing. Perhaps it’s just that we were children back then, when everything was magical (or so … Continue reading

<span class="caps">HERS</span> <span class="amp">&</span> <span class="caps">HIS</span>… 25 Years of Art and Marriage at <span class="caps">UCCC</span>’s Muroff/​Kotler Gallery

HERS & HIS… 25 Years of Art and Marriage at UCCC’s Muroff/​Kotler Gallery

I recently visited Hortus Conclusus, Allyson Levy and Scott Serrano’s innovative, adventurous garden in Stone Ridge. When I saw the images on the gallery card I got an unexpected, delightful surprise. Way back in 2009 when Roll Magazine was still a print publication … Continue reading

Fall For Art 2018

Fall For Art 2018

Fall for Art celebrates it’s 22nd Annual Juried Art Show, Sale and Cocktail Reception Fundraiser on Thursday, September 6, 2018 from 5-​​​​8pm at The Château in Kingston. Featuring 2 and 3 dimensional art from 28 of the Hudson Valley’s most talented artists. … Continue reading

<span class="caps">MASTER</span> <span class="caps">CHEF</span> <span class="caps">GIANNI</span> <span class="caps">SCAPPIN</span>: <span class="caps">CUCINA</span>


Editor’s note: With the recent passing of world renown culinary super-​​​​star Anthony Bourdain, we thought it might be of interest to re-​​​​post this piece on Chef Gianni Scappin who was considered by Bourdain to be one of the “stand-​​​​up guys” … Continue reading

<span class="dquo">“</span><span class="caps">TIME</span> <span class="caps">TRAVELERS</span>: Hudson Valley Artists 2018” at The Dorsky

TIME TRAVELERS: Hudson Valley Artists 2018” at The Dorsky

TIME TRAVELERS,” the 2018 edition of The Dorsky’s annual Hudson Valley Artists series will be on display at The Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art at SUNY New Paltz. “TIME TRAVELERS: Hudson Valley Artists 2018” is curated by Anastasia James, curator of … Continue reading

Emerge Emerged

Emerge Emerged

If there was ever a town that has soughed and swayed on the mighty pendulum of economic fickleness, it is Saugerties. In 2000, when we first began to regularly spend time in upstate New York, it was a thriving antiquing town with … Continue reading

Planning a Butterfly <span class="amp">&</span> Pollinator Garden? —think a variety of Native Plants and <span class="caps">MILKWEED</span>!

Planning a Butterfly & Pollinator Garden? —think a variety of Native Plants and MILKWEED!

This time of year is exciting for many gardeners as they begin to plan for a new season. Seed catalogues and nurseries are sending daily e-​​​​blasts, teasing the senses to encourage orders. This is when gardeners think about how to approach … Continue reading

<span class="caps">FREE</span> <span class="caps">WILL</span> <span class="caps">ASTROLOGY</span> October


ARIES (March 21-​​​​April 19): Electra is an action-​​​​packed story written by ancient Greek playwright Sophocles. It features epic characters taking drastic action in response to extreme events. In contrast to that text is Marcel Proust’s novel In Search of Lost … Continue reading