Lawyers Guns & Photos: My Adventures with Warren Zevon

by Staff at Roll Magazine

Here’s Warren Zevon, as you’ve never seen him before. The book, Lawyers Guns & Photos: Photographs and Tales of My Adventures with Warren Zevon contains over 150 never before seen photos. Written by George Gruel, Warren’s aide-​​de-​​camp from 1978 – 83, this book is a must for all Warren Zevon fans. A positive, uplifting look at one of the most talented songwriters of our time, the book also has the blessing of the entire Zevon family. There are tons of family and in-​​the-​​studio photos.

George doesn’t know why he saved all this stuff for all these years but he’s certainly glad he did. The photos were not properly stored, but somehow they survived, as did he. It was a fabulous time to be the music business and in Los Angeles, especially with Warren and all of the adventures they had. Warren introduced George to a lot of really interesting people and ideas.

There has been plenty written about the darker side of Warren’s life. George thinks the good out weighs the bad. A lot of people had a lot of wonderful times with him. This book celebrates those times and the man Warren was when he was not in combat with his demons. His humor and biting wit were a splendid thing to be around. The bad may have sold papers and intrigued folks, but the good side of WZ is far more interesting.


People often comment that they wished that the media covered more good news and stories of unique humans doing interesting things. Well, this is one of those good news stories that needs to told, hence, this book.

Warren had a multitude of friends that have countless stories of fun, creative and hilarious times with him but none had more than George, who  spent a little over five years with Warren; five years that he says were some of the best days of his life. After perusing this book you’ll have a bit more insight into the wonderful, fun loving and complex individual that was Warren William Zevon. Enjoy the ride.

Here are some of the comments on the book.

George, thanks for this rare peek into the era of Dad’s true rock and roll adventures. I was too young then to understand any of the fucked up insanity of his perplexing character — I just knew I loved my Daddy. Now I can look back and appreciate him anew.” — Ariel Zevon

This photographic treasure trove brings back the Good, the Bad and the Ugly… Just like Warren would have wanted it.” — Crystal Zevon

A remarkable collection of photos, of the remarkable life, of a remarkable man. And, as a bonus, George’s spot-​​on picture memoir is occasionally, as creatively eccentric, as Mr. Z, himself.” — Baron Wolman

We’re told to be forward thinking. This book shows why looking back is so valuable. Memories of an old friend who did a lot to influence many great musician song writers. People get to see into the life and times of a warm, funny and talented artist. Yes, he liked Vodka, guns and other destructive things, but he was really just a great guy.” — Rick Marotta

Júye, Júye, the book looks great, and great photos.” — Jorge Calderon

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In this book, George captured us all… the feelings and emotions of the time. Warren and I were the original Modern Family. I was Warren’s Bonnie and Warren was my Clyde — Uncensored, eccentric, and brilliant. We were brought together by the love of Music, the Arts, and each other… all while holding on for dear life. We robbed no banks, we took no prisoners… just pictures. Thank you for your honest, and heartfelt perspective, George. Warren would say, you have kept us in your heart and held us for a while.” — Kim Lankford

Well kids, I can’t tell you whether or not there’s a Santa Claus, but I can tell you this. One year, when I was 13, Santa Claus came as George Gruel, in full Santa suit. I sat on his lap and never felt safer. If you want a rock-​​n-​​roll man in your corner, it’s the one that has hugs for days, as long as you have the right pass, because you can never be too careful. I was lucky enough to have the all access”. — Jordan Zevon

This is fabulous, thanks so much for putting this together. I’m gonna be looking at this a lot.” — David Landau

Perfect! .…with Warren they did not break the mold.… he was freehand!!!” — Leland Sklar

Here’s Warren in his final appearance on “Late Night With David Letterman”.

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