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by Rob Brezsny

Aries iconARIES (March 21-​​April 19): “I am, indeed, a king, because I know how to rule myself,” wrote 16th-​​century author Pietro Aretino. By January 2021, Aries, I would love for you to have earned the right to make a similar statement: “I am, indeed, a royal sovereign, because I know how to rule myself.” Here’s the most important point: The robust power and clout you have the potential to summon has nothing to do with power and clout over other people — only over yourself. Homework: Meditate on what it means to be the imperial boss and supreme monarch of your own fate.

taurus iconTAURUS (April 20-​​May 20): “The basic principle of spiritual life is that our problems become the very place to discover wisdom and love.” Buddhist teacher Jack Kornfield made that brilliant observation. It’s always worth meditating on, but it’s an especially potent message for you during the first three weeks of October 2020. In my view, now is a highly favorable time for you to extract uplifting lessons by dealing forthrightly with your knottiest dilemmas. I suspect that these lessons could prove useful for the rest of your long life.

gemini iconGEMINI (May 21-​​June 20): “My business is to love,” wrote poet Emily Dickinson. I invite you to adopt this motto for the next three weeks. It’s an excellent time to intensify your commitment to expressing compassion, empathy, and tenderness. To do so will not only bring healing to certain allies who need it; it will also make you smarter. I mean that literally. Your actual intelligence will expand and deepen as you look for and capitalize on opportunities to bestow blessings. (P.S. Dickinson also wrote, “My business is to sing.” I recommend you experiment with that mandate, as well.)

Cancer iconCANCER (June 21-​​July 22): “I’m the diamond in the dirt, that ain’t been found,” sings Cancerian rapper Curtis Jackson, also known as 50 Cent. “I’m the underground king and I ain’t been crowned,” he adds. My reading of the astrological omens suggests that a phenomenon like that is going on in your life right now. There’s something unknown about you that deserves and needs to be known. You’re not getting the full credit and acknowledgment you’ve earned through your soulful accomplishments. I hereby authorize you to take action! Address this oversight. Rise up and correct it.

Leo iconLEO (July 23-​​Aug. 22): The author bell hooks (who doesn’t capitalize her name) has spent years as a professor in American universities. Adaptability has been a key strategy in her efforts to educate her students. She writes, “One of the things that we must do as teachers is twirl around and around, and find out what works with the situation that we’re in.” That’s excellent advice for you right now — in whatever field you’re in. Old reliable formulas are irrelevant, in my astrological opinion. Strategies that have guided you in the past may not apply to the current scenarios. Your best bet is to twirl around and around as you experiment to find out what works.

Virgo iconVIRGO (Aug. 23-​​Sept. 22): “Your relationship with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship you have,” says motivational speaker Robert Holden. Hallelujah and amen! Ain’t that the truth! Which is why it’s so crucial to periodically take a thorough inventory of your relationship with yourself. And guess what, Virgo: Now would be a perfect time to do so. Even more than that: During your inventory, if you discover ways in which you treat yourself unkindly or carelessly, you can generate tremendous healing energy by working to fix the glitches. The coming weeks could bring pivotal transformations in your bonds with others if you’re brave enough to make pivotal transformations in your bonds with yourself.

Libra symbolLIBRA (Sept. 23-​​Oct. 22): In her high school yearbook, Libra-​​born Sigourney Weaver arranged to have this caption beneath her official photo: “Please, God, please, don’t let me be normal!” Since then, she has had a long and acclaimed career as an actor in movies. ScreenPrism​.com calls her a pioneer of female action heroes. Among her many exotic roles: a fierce warrior who defeats monstrous aliens; an exobiologist working with indigenous people on the moon of a distant planet in the 22nd century; and a naturalist who lives with mountain gorillas in Rwanda. If you have ever had comparable fantasies about transcending normalcy, Libra, now would be a good time to indulge those fantasies — and begin cooking up plans to make them come true.

scorpio iconSCORPIO (Oct. 23-​​Nov. 21): Scorpio-​​born Prince Charles has been heir to the British throne for 68 years. That’s an eternity to be patiently on hold for his big chance to serve as king. His mother Queen Elizabeth just keeps going on and on, living her very long life, ensuring that Charles remains second-​​in-​​command. But I suspect that many Scorpios who have been awaiting their turn will finally graduate to the next step in the coming weeks and months. Will Charles be one of them? Will you? To increase your chances, here’s a tip: Meditate on how to be of even greater devotion to the ideals you love to serve.

sagitarius iconSAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-​​Dec. 21): Inventor Buckminster Fuller was a visionary who loved to imagine ideas and objects no one had ever dreamed of before. One of his mottoes was, “There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it’s going to be a butterfly.” I recommend that you spend quality time in the coming weeks meditating on butterfly-​​like things you’d love to have as part of your future — things that may resemble caterpillars in the early going. Your homework is to envision three such innovations that could be in your world by October 1, 2021.

CAPRICORNCAPRICORN (Dec. 22-​​Jan. 19): During World War II, Hollywood filmmakers decided it would be a good idea to create stories based on graphic current events: for example, American Marines waging pitched battles against Japanese soldiers on South Pacific islands. But audiences were cool to that approach. They preferred comedies and musicals with “no message, no mission, no misfortune.” In the coming weeks, I advise you to resist any temptation you might have to engage in a similar disregard of current events. In my opinion, your mental health requires you to be extra discerning and well-​​informed about politics — and so does the future of your personal destiny.

aquarius iconAQUARIUS (Jan. 20-​​Feb. 18): “Pretending is imagined possibility,” observes actor Meryl Streep. “Pretending is a very valuable life skill and we do it all the time.” In other words, fantasizing about events that may never happen is just one way we use our mind’s eye. We also wield our imaginations to envision scenarios that we actually want to create in our real lives. In fact, that’s the first step in actualizing those scenarios: to play around with picturing them; to pretend they will one day be a literal part of our world. The coming weeks will be an excellent time for you to supercharge the generative aspect of your imagination. I encourage you to be especially vivid and intense as you visualize in detail the future you want.

pisces iconPISCES (Feb. 19-​​March 20): “My own soul must be a bright invisible green,” wrote author and philosopher Henry David Thoreau. Novelist Tom Robbins suggested that we visualize the soul as “a cross between a wolf howl, a photon, and a dribble of dark molasses.” Nobel Prize-​​winning poet Wislawa Szymborska observed, “Joy and sorrow aren’t two different feelings” for the soul. Poet Emily Dickinson thought that the soul “should always stand ajar” — just in case an ecstatic experience or rousing epiphany might be lurking in the vicinity. In the coming weeks, Pisces, I invite you to enjoy your own lively meditations on the nature of your soul. You’re in a phase when such an exploration can yield interesting results.

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