Belleayre Music Festival Presents: THE MUSIC OF LED ZEPPELIN: A ROCK SYMPHONY

by Alan Smithee

The Belleayre Music Festival will present The Music Of Led Zeppelin on Saturday, September 1 at 8 pm.

Bridging the gulf between rock and classical music, conductor/​ arranger Brent Havens takes the podium to present The Music of Led Zeppelin, a soaring, orchestral interpretation of some of rock’s most classic tunes.


Performed by a symphony orchestra and amplified with a full rock band with stunning visual effects, and the Robert Plant-​​like vocals of Randy Jackson (the Zebras), Havens and his ensemble capture Led Zeppelin’s “sheer blast and power” riff for riff while cranking out new musical colors. The concert features 18 Zeppelin tunes, including “Stairway To Heaven,” “Heartbreaker,” “Black Dog” and “Immigrant Song.”


Conductor, Brent Havens

The music features a massive array of songs from the Zeppelin catalog, many of which already had some orchestration. It was a perfect fit for Havens’ vision. Whether the orchestra is playing the lush harmonies afforded the songs or re imagining the lick-​​based lines that were created by Plant, Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones, the driving tunes allow the musicians to dig into their instruments and rock with the band or play counterpoint melodies to the guitar solos or singer.


Singer, Randy Jackson

The concept was to keep the band as close to the original recordings as possible and to wrap the orchestra around the band as one big entity. Rather than the orchestra being a separate part of the music it becomes another instrument within the band. The show even features an Electric Violinist.


Electric violinist, Allegra

And just so you know, it’s a rock show with rock lighting… and even a mirrorball. Come to the concert ready to be amazed!

For more information go to; www​.belleayremusic​.org/​m​u​sic


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