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A Monothon at the Woodstock School of Art

by Claire Lambe

The Woodstock School of Art (WSA) kicks off its 2019 Woodstock Monoprint Invitational Exhibition on October 26 with a reception on Saturday, October 26, 3-​​5pm, in the School’s Robert H. Angeloch Gallery. The exhibition, an annual event now in its fourth year, will run through December 14. The prints are created by national, regional and local artists who are invited to participate in an 8-​​day print “Monothon” held in early August. Among the 58 artists this year are Peter Bradley, Richard Segalman, Kate McGloughlin, Mariella Bisson, and Dion Ogust.

The WSA Print Studio. Photograph by Dion Ogust

The WSA Print Studio. Photograph by Dion Ogust

Over the course of the Monothon the artists, between them, created over 300 pieces of work. From these, one piece per artist was chosen for the exhibition — all the prints in the show are donated by the artists. The exhibition, which is a fund-​​raiser for the WSA, is a terrific opportunity to see samples of the work produced in the WSA’s state-​​of-​​the-​​art print studio and to pick up an original print or two for a modest sum; the monoprints, all 8 x 10 or 10 x 8 inches in size, are priced at $200.

Richard Segelman, “The Slip” 2019. Monoprint, 10” x 8”. Photograph by Dion Ogust

Richard Segelman, “The Slip” 2019. Monoprint, 10” x 8”. Photograph by Dion Ogust

Four master printers — Anthony Kirk, Lisa Mackie, Kathy Caraccio, and Kate McGloughlin — spearheaded this year’s group and the proceeds from the event are earmarked for the WSA parking lot expansion project. Says WSA Executive Director, Nina Doyle, “Due to the high-​​quality of the programs offered at the school, we have experienced a rapid increase in our student population, as well as attendees to our public exhibitions over the past few years. This increase requires a closer look at our infrastructure. The expansion of our parking lot is one of many improvements we plan to make to our facilities.”

Kate McGloughlin, “Ashokan Light” 2019. Monoprint, 10” x 8”. Photograph by Dion Ogust

Kate McGloughlin, “Ashokan Light” 2019. Monoprint, 10” x 8”. Photograph by Dion Ogust

It’s fair to say that a good deal of credit goes to Kate McGloughlin for the annual Monothon event and exhibition, and for the development of the new print studio itself; it came to be under her leadership on the WSA board, and her passion for printmaking was inspirational. When asked “Why print?” McGloughlin responded: “I fell in love with printmaking the moment I started studying the form with Robert Angeloch at the Woodstock School of Art in 1991, each of the processes became another practical method to consider, each proved meditative to practice. When I came upon Monotype in 1992, everything changed — this spontaneous, explosive medium, so close to painting, so much a print process — it was the perfect medium to marry my two loves, painting and printmaking.  When we envisioned the new printmaking and works on paper studios at the school, I knew a ‘Monothon’ would be the perfect event to christen the new space and be the perfect event to get artists working together immediately…it’s been a terrific experience, every single year. The work that comes through is always powerful.”

Dion Ogust, “Untitled” 2019. Monoprint 8” x 10”. Photograph by Dion Ogust

Dion Ogust, “Untitled” 2019. Monoprint 8” x 10”. Photograph by Dion Ogust

In addition to the artists who donate their work and the buyers of the monoprints, this is a true community fundraising event for the school – contributors are made up of eight local restaurants and stores, and 11 community members, who supplied the lunch each day for the August Monothon Master Printers, artists, and volunteers. Among those contributors were Bistro-​​to-​​Go, Garden Café, Joshua Café, and Alebrijes Mexican Delicacies, also Hannaford Supermarkets and Adam’s Fairacre Farms. Three art supply stores including Woodstock’s Catskill Art Supply, and one bank, Prudential Benevity, also made contributions for the Monothon; individuals helped with the funding; and two creative collaborators also pitched in: Dion Ogust Photography and Susanna Ronner Graphic Design.

WSA’s mission is to offer high quality, affordable instruction in fine art, as well as maintain stewardship of its unique and historic buildings for continued use as an art school. It provides many opportunities to engage the community in allied arts activities and exhibitions, with the Monoprint Invitational being its poster child. Classes in fine art, including drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, and Portfolio Development are offered year-​​round in the School’s fully climate-​​controlled studios situated in historic bluestone and native timber buildings. Classes cater to all ages from teenaged art-​​college aspirants to those returning later in life to that road not taken; there are no entrance requirements or experience necessary.

Peter Bradley, “The Barn and the Turtle” 2019. Monoprint, 10” x 8”. Photograph by Dion Ogust

Peter Bradley, “The Barn and the Turtle” 2019. Monoprint, 10” x 8”. Photograph by Dion Ogust

The Woodstock School of Art, Inc. is a not-​​for-​​profit, 501©3, educational institution chartered under the laws of the State of New York. It is located in New York’s famed artists’ colony of Woodstock, surrounded by the pristine woodlands of the Catskill Mountains, about 100 miles north of New York City.

Featured image: Mariella Bisson, monoprint 2019. 8” x 10”

Images courtesy of the artists, the Woodstock School of Art, and Dion Ogust Photography.

Claire LambeClaire Lambe is an Irish born painter whose works have been exhibited on both sides of the Atlantic; she is a graduate of the National College of Art and Design in Dublin and holds an MFA in painting from the City University of New York. Writing credits include contributing author to Teen Life in Europe (part of the Teen Life Around The World series), and articles and reviews for this publication. Claire Lambe’s art work can be seen here: 

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