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March Theater highlights

Sa 3/28- THE ULSTER BALLET COMPANY presents 26TH ANNUAL FESTIVAL OF DANCE, at Ulster Performing Arts Center (UPAC), Kingston—It’s a cornucopia of culture in motion presented here to mark the beginning of the Ulster Ballet Company’s 32nd year of bringing dance to the Mid Hudson Valley. The Antranig Armenian Dance Ensemble remains on the edge of contemporary Armenian dance styles while remaining true to the traditions of this age-old art form through authentic costumes, music and choreography. The Ellen Sinopoli Dance Company—resident company at the “Egg” in Albany—is the pre-eminent modern dance company of the Capital Region, with “exuberant, serendipitous, gutsy and soaring” and “magicians in motion” some of the expressions used to describe their exciting style. Kingston’s own Energy Dance Company and POOK are innovative young dance and drum companies that combine Hip-Hop, Latin, Jazz/Funk, Afro-Cuban and Body Percussion into energetic performances. The Jivadeers from Vanaver Caravan show why they became finalists in Fox’s “So You Think You Can Dance,” while Solas An Lae present a fresh take on Irish dance. Last, but certainly not least, the New Paltz Ballet Theater and Ulster Ballet Company will perform, with homages to Shostokovich and Picasso, respectively. UPAC, 601 Broadway, Kingston,, 845.473.5288. 8 PM

Fridays through 3/29- Up In One Productions presents URINETOWN: THE MUSICAL, by Mark Hollman and Greg Kotis, at The Center For Performing Arts, Rhinebeck—Urinetown: the Musical, winner of three Tony Awards on Broadway in 2002, including awards for best book, was conceived when co-author Greg Kotis, while traveling in Europe, encountered pay-per-use toilets in Paris. It was then that the musical’s central idea hit him: a Gotham-like city where all the toilets were controlled by a greedy, crooked corporation with no concern for the poor, bladder-oppressed masses. According to Kotis, the show “was created in a spirit of defiance against what's typically offered up as stage worthy in America today.” The show parodies many popular musicals and theater conventions, while making salient social commentary about the American economy, the division between rich and poor, and the way we abuse the environment we depend on. The Center For Performing Arts, Rte. 308, Rhinebeck,, 845.876.3080. Fridays 8 PM

Fr 4/3- LAUREN HALE DANCE at Philipstown Depot Theatre, Garrison—Recent New York City transplant Lauren Hale Biniares has quite the varied resumé, with training and experience in West African dance, ballet, and modern—studying with Pilobolus founder Jonathan Wolken. In New York, she has presented choreography at The Museum of Biblical Art, the Solar 1 Arts Festival, The Cunningham Studio, Triskelion Arts, and the Cool New York Dance Festival, eventually forming her own company in 2004. Lauren Hale Dance has performed in venues and festivals throughout New York City and has held residencies at colleges, high schools, and dance companies along the East Coast with a style that “places great importance on both improvisation and collaboration.” Philipstown Depot Theatre, 20 Garrison Landing, Garrison,,, 845.424.3900. 8 PM

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