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Fr 3/13- ANGEL BAND at Rosendale Café, Rosendale—This melodious trio of singers—Nancy Josephson, Jen Schonwald and Kathleen Weber—have made quite a reputation for themselves with great songs, tight harmonies, and a red hot backing band: Bobby Tangrea (mandolin, guitar, fiddle), Bob Taylor (bass), and Jeff Wisor (fiddle, mandolin). Rumor has it (and yes, I can report a rumor here, and it’s looking pretty good) that guitar master David Bromberg will be in attendance, which is not unusual, as he performs with the group quite often. Mountain music meets contemporary rock. (Unfortunately, Jen Schonwald is on the DL…ably replaced by Bevin Caulfield.) Rosendale Café, 434 Main St., Rosendale,, 845.658.9048. 8 PM

Sat 3/14- Fundraiser for the ROSENDALE STREET FESTIVAL, at the Rosendale Recreational Center, Rosendale—It’s a Rosendale two-fer this weekend. One of the regions favorite free music festivals—well, OK, the ONLY free music festival—the Rosendale Street Festival has been particularly hard hit as of late, having lost pretty much all of its corporate sponsorship due to the sketchy economy. So that means everybody is getting on board to chip in to help out—including Roll. Nine great local bands are donating time and music, and it’s FREE ADMISSION, with a donation requested. They’re accepting baked goods to sell to raise funds, holding a dollar ticket drawing, and to top it off: Studio Stu is MC-ing. Come spend the day in Rosendale and help make the “people’s festival” happen this summer. Here’s the line-up: 12 PM-DOG ON FLEAS (kids); 1 PM-RATBOY JR. (kids); 2 PM-YARROW; 3 PM-STUDIO STU; 4 PM-BREAKAWAY; 5 PM-THE TRAPPS; 6 PM-MR. RUSTY; 7 PM-THE RHODES; 8 PM-VOODELIC; 9 PM-SABOR CON COLOUR Rosendale Recreational Center, Rte. 32, Rosendale,, 845.943.6497

Fr 3/20- HIP HOP THEATER at the Bardavon, Poughkeepsie—Coming of age in the New York of the eighties, Baba Israel began his career at the legendary Nuyorican Poets Cafe, invited by Reg E. Gaines. From his website: “It was a time where you had to negotiate issues of race, face boos if you did not bring skills.” Along with Playback NYC—who uses music, dance, Freestyle Hip Hop and improvisational theater to transform the stories of the audience into the art of theater—Baba Israel teams up with the students of Poughkeepsie Middle and Columbus schools, and a group of professional actors, musicians, and DJs, for a special show at the Bardavon. Sponsored by Key Bank. The Bardavon, 35 Market St., Poughkeepsie,, 845.473.2072. 7 PM

Sa 3/21- TERRY DAME’S ELECTRIC JUNKYARD GAMELAN, at Time and Space Limited, Hudson—The Electric Junkyard Gamelan—formed in 1998 by composer, multi-instrumentalist and instrument builder Terry Dame—has a style that is inspired by traditional Gamelan music of Indonesia, but is shaped by the sensibility and humor of its unique composer. The group performs on innovative instruments such as the Rubarp and Big Barp (electric rubber band harps), the Sitello (an electric cello/sitar combo), the Terraphone (copper pipe horn), the Clayrimba (a three octave tuned clay pot “marimba”) and an arsenal of assorted percussion instruments. The result is a super original sound with haunting melodies, funky bass lines and layers of danceable interlocking rhythms. Time and Space Limited, 434 Columbia St., Hudson,, 518.822.8448. 8 PM

Mo 4/6- RAY LAMONTAGNE, at the Egg, Albany—It’s a little out of our usual coverage range, but we’d be remiss to not advise you about this performance just up the road, if you will. Possessed of an especially soulful voice and songwriting ability, with a style spanning folk, blues, and country, Ray LaMontagne is presently still touring his third release, Gossip In The Grain, with a Spring tour in the US. A limited number of “Front-Row VIP” packages have been made available at, with proceeds from the Ray LaMontagne Charitable Sale program benefitting a number of highly-respected national charities including The National Children’s Cancer Society. If you haven’t yet heard LaMontagne on WDST or WKZE, check out and play an mp3. Then circle the date on the calendar for a road trip pronto. The Egg Center For Performing Arts, Empire State Plaza,, 518.473.1845. 8 PM

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