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The Rosendale Theatre Collective

September Theatre Highlights

Fr-Su 9/9 through 11- MERCE CUNNINGHAM DANCE COMPANY LEGACY TOUR, at Richard B. Fisher Center, Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson—From the Bard website: The legendary Merce Cunningham Dance Company (MCDC) returns to the Hudson Valley one last time before it disbands at the conclusion of its final world tour in December. MCDC’s engagement at Bard provides an extraordinary opportunity to see Cunningham’s choreography performed by the last dancers he personally trained, in a program that illuminates his groundbreaking collaborations with his life partner, composer John Cage, and artist Robert Rauschenberg. The iconic Antic Meet (1958) captures the exuberant spirit that existed among Cunningham, Cage, and Rauschenberg for nearly 60 years. In this comedic work, Rauschenberg’s witty costumes come back to life with Cunningham’s vaudeville-like choreography, and a playful composition by Cage that makes generous use of multiple forms of notation and different types of music making. Suite for Five (1956), in contrast, is one of the modernist trio’s most beautiful works, remarkable for its sustained solos and serene, sculptural quality. The explosive Sounddance (1975) closes the program, with David Tudor’s powerful score in perfect accord with the vigorous, fast-paced dance for the full company. The Richard B. Fisher Center, Bard College, Rte. 9G, Annandale-on-Hudson,, 845.758.7900. Fr/Sa 9/9 & 10 8 PM, Su 9/11 2 PM

Fr/Sa 9/9 & 10- Starling Productions presents TOO MUCH INFORMATION!, at the Rosendale Theatre, Rosendale—Much like its direct precursor The Vagina Monologues, Too Much Information! is an evening of original, work-shopped monologues, delivered by regional women. After a sold-out TMI! run in May at Shadowland Theater, in Ellenville, director Eva Tenuto launched a weekly writing workshop to generate a new edition of the show, with all new writing and performances, enlisting actor Julie Novak as improv leader, and writer Sari Botton to lead the writing portion of the workshop. From the press release: “Too Much Information! explores stories we are afraid to tell but long to hear. There’s something both cathartic and connective about revealing our deepest and darkest—not to mention our most embarrassing—moments. The personal is universal, and in sharing their stories, TMI! writers/performers help to reveal common threads in all of our lives. ‘Come hear the truth about our transitions, challenges and moments of growth, pride and accomplishment,’ suggests Tenuto, who will also perform. ‘Yes, we’re a bit reluctant to stand in front of an audience and tell our sometimes painful truth—but we’re going to do it anyway! Because sharing our stories is empowering and uplifting to both actor and audience.’” Other participants (in addition to Tenuto, Novak, and Botton) include Patty Curry, Fatima Deen, Jessica Barry, Vincenza Dante, Marta Waterman, Stephanie Ellis, Nancy Plumer, Valerie Eagle, and Brenda Eagle Davis. Rosendale Theatre, 330 Main St., Rosendale,, 845.658.8989, 914.299.2363 (Starling), advance tickets available at 8 PM

Sa 9/17- Benefit for “Passage to India” tour with THE VANAVER CARAVAN, at Opus 40, Saugerties—The Vanaver Caravan, a non-profit dance/educational group based in the Hudson Valley since 1974, has been invited, through the efforts of Big Medicine Charitable Trust (BMCT), Udaipur/India, to perform in December at the Shilpgram Utsav, one of India’s most prestigious music and dance festivals. TVC is the first non-Indian company asked to perform at the festival by India’s West Zone Cultural Center. In addition to this performance during their two-week tour, The Vanaver Caravan will lead workshops in the local schools (similar to the Arts Education residency programs in the Hudson Valley that they have pioneered and taught for over twenty-five years). TVC will play an active role with BMCT in the creation of Udaipur’s first performing and healing arts center, benefitting the children of Udaipur. This will involve a mentoring and teacher training to establish their dance program. BMCT’s Shakti Academy will expose young people to a wide variety of dance styles, circus arts, and healing forms from around the world, all supported by an internationally traveled faculty. But funds must first be raised for the transportation costs of this “Passage to India” tour, so the group has a multi-event afternoon planned at the awe-inspiring Opus 40, with music, dance, food from around the Hudson Valley, and a photography auction of works by world-traveled artists. And yes, all admission and contributions are tax-deductible. Opus 40, 50 Fite Rd., Saugerties,,, 845.256.9300. 4:30 PM- sunset.

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