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November Theatre Highlights

Fr 11/12, 19- Canaltown Alley Productions presents THE EXONERATED, by Jessica Blank and Erik Jensen, at the Rosendale Theatre, Rosendale—The newly purchased and renovated Rosendale Theatre has hit the ground running with more music and theater added to the movie schedule (dance lovers: don’t miss the screening of The Hard Nut With Mark Morris Dance Group, with following Q&A with MMDG dancer June Omura, Su 11/14 2 PM). Director Ann Citron presents The Exonerated, which tells the stories of six different people falsely convicted and sentenced to death. Using flashbacks to courtroom, prison, and interrogation scenes, as well as present time action, each story is traced as DNA evidence, revelations of negligent defense, faulty eyewitness reports, and long-hidden evidence favoring the accused lead to each prisoner’s exoneration. We at Roll also recommend checking out Canaltown Alley Arts and Learning Center——if you’re interested in yoga, Pilates, and/or vocal and acting lessons. Rosendale Theatre, 408 Main St., Rosendale,, 845.658.8989, 845.658.8563. 8 PM

Fr/Sa/Su through 11/20- County Players present GODSPELL, by Stephen Schwartz and John-Michael Tebelak, at County Players Falls Theatre, Wappingers Falls—Yeah, when folks start talking messianic musicals from the 70s, it’s all Jesus Christ Superstar this and that, yadda yadda. Try to get ‘em singing one of the tunes, and it may take a minute. But I bet (if you are, er…of a certain age) you remember hearing “Day By Day” from Godspell. Jeez, I know I do—I had an art teacher in high school who I swear never took it off the turntable. But I digress. This winsome pop musical—based on the Gospel according to Matthew—is just the sort of show it’s fun to see regional theatre sink their teeth into: it’s a very visual broadly appealing show directors and actors can go nuts with, and the songs are fun to sing and heard sung. County Players have Matt Andrews directing and staging, with musical direction by Joel Flowers. County Players Falls Theatre, 2681 W. Main St., Wappingers Falls,, 845.298.1491. Fr/Sa 11/12, 13, 19, 20 8 PM, Su 11/14 2 PM, Sa 11/20 2 PM

Sa/Su 11/20 &21- NACRE DANCE COMPANY performs Charles Weidman’s CHRISTMAS ORATORIO, at Kaatsbaan International Dance Center, Tivoli—Serving dance communities worldwide since 1990, the Kaatsbaan International Dance Center has provided dance companies, choreographers, composers, set designers and all dance artists with a setting where they can create and showcase new work, rehearse, perform and develop new productions. For two performances, special guests Albany-based Nacre Dance Company presents Christmas Oratorio, a rarely-staged work conceived and choreographed by modern dance legend Charles Weidman, which debuted to great critical acclaim in 1961. From the press release: “This historic work tells the story of the Nativity through modern dance. In this dance of rejoicing, Weidman focuses on feelings and emotions: joy, compassion and friendship.” With sensitive portrayal of biblical figures and music by Bach, this should be a nice way to contemplate the season, before the Santa’s and carols take over. Kaatsbaan International Dance Center, 120 Broadway, Tivoli,, 845.757.5106 ext.2. Sa 11/20 7:30 PM, Su 11/21 2:30 PM

Su 11/21- ANTHONY BOURDAIN at Ulster Performing Arts Center (UPAC), Kingston—Full confession. Thanks to reading chef/author/TV host Anthony Bourdain’s monster hit book Kitchen Confidential, I have since developed an interest in chefs (Iron Chef, Top Chef, yes even Hell’s Kitchen). As a refugee from the music business, I suppose I was fascinated by this select group of artistic and highly skilled individuals who were—unbelievably, yes—even more ego charged than music biz folks. Wow. And Bourdain’s writing is so damn honest, humorous, and spot on accurate you can’t help but like the guy, even though he’s surely no saint. Later he landed the dream gig (well, for me anyway), globetrotting for the Travel Channel’s hugely popular No Reservations, eating and partying with the some of coolest people—regular folks mostly—in the world, and making really good television. So I’m real curious (as I’m sure you are) what a “live” Bourdain gig will be like—I’m guessing no cooking demo, though I hear he will be taking questions from the audience. Ulster Performing Arts Center, 601 Broadway, Kingston,, 845.339.6088. 5 PM

12/10 through 12/17- Special screening of SAINT MISBEHAVIN’: THE WAVY GRAVY MOVIE, with Q∓A with WAVY GRAVY, director MICHELLE ESRICK, and producer DAVID BECKER (Sa 12/11), at Upstate Films Woodstock, Woodstock—Peace activists aren’t generally known to be a humorous lot, after all, there’s nothing funny about fighting the military industrial complex. But there has to be an exception to everything, and that would well describe Wavy Gravy—formerly Hugh Romney, until given his new name by none other than B. B. King.

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On paper he’s quite a counterculture legend: traveling poet/monologist in the ‘60s, opening for John Coltrane and Peter Paul &Mary, part-time Merry Prankster at Ken Kesey’s Hog Farm, the famous “no brown acid” MC at Woodstock, often beaten and injured anti-war protester, and self-described “activist clown and former frozen dessert,” the latter, courtesy of Ben &Jerry. But on the screen, Wavy’s boundless energy and positive vibe for humanity get its due Technicolor treatment with Saint Misbehavin’ The Wavy Gravy Movie, weaving together assembled footage with interviews with the likes of Ram Dass, Michael Lang, The Grateful Dead, Ramblin’ Jack Elliot, Jackson Browne, Bonnie Raitt, Odetta, and of course the multi-colored man himself. But as if THAT wasn’t enough, Wavy Gravy will be in attendance for a special Q&A session following the movie (Sa 12/11), with director Michelle Esrick and producer David Becker. Come meet the man who satirist Paul Krassner describes as “the illegitimate son of Harpo Marx and Mother Teresa.” For more on the film and to view the trailer go to Upstate Films Woodstock, 132 Tinker St., Woodstock,, 845.679.6608. Sa 12/11 Q&A following both evening shows, times TBA

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