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November Art Highlights

Through 11/27- “A SHOW OF HEADS” group exhibition at the Limner Gallery, Hudson—Hudson visitors and Art Walkers will find a reward should they venture a bit further down Warren Street, toward the river. The Limner Gallery is worth the walk, particularly if you like the wild side of the street, if you will. This time around it’s 24 artists, from around the U.S. and U.K. as well as New York, all working with one common thread. From the press release: “The works range in style from traditional oil painting on canvas to digital photo-manipulation, etching and sculpture in various media. The ‘Show of Heads’ shows the many ways in which the head can be used as a means of self-expression. All the artists in the exhibition have used the portrait formula to express their individuality. The character of the artists are revealed in the works, in some we see the comic, in others anxiety, joy, shock or political expressions.” Limner Gallery, 123 Warren St., Hudson,, 518.828.2343. We-Sa 12-5 PM

Through November- “CROSSINGS: BORDERS/BRIDGES/BARRIERS,” painting and sculpture works by VINDORA WIXOM, at the Arts Society of Kingston (ASK), Kingston—Founded fifteen years ago by like-minded local artists, the Arts Society of Kingston (ASK) has grown to become a not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization with over 600 members, providing needed support to student, amateur, and professional artists from all around the Hudson Valley. This month, ASK celebrates one of their own: ASK executive director Vindora Wixom had quite an extraordinary life leading up to meeting her husband Richard and moving to Kingston in 1985. Her exhibition “Crossings: Borders/Bridges/Barriers” chronicles her life in scenic paintings: growing up in Communist Romania, working as a cruise director on the Black Sea and the Danube, defecting to Vienna in 1975, and making her way to Germany before ending up in the U.S. A special installation in wire will represent her entanglement in the Iron Curtain, a barrier she broke through along with so many others to make it to the West. Also showing: “Animal House,” a members exhibition exploring the animal kingdom. The Art Society of Kingston, 97 Broadway, Kingston,, 845.338.0331. Tu-Sa 1-6 PM and by appt.

Through December- SPOTLIGHT ON HOLIDAY ART SALES AND EXHIBITS—It’s that time of year again, friends. The inevitable run-up from Thanksgiving to Christmas/Hannukah/Kwanzaa. And you know what? You know you’re gonna have to get some gifts, it’s the rules, right? Well, did you know you can get some really great gifts from your friendly neighborhood artists and artisans, for great prices? And not only that, they benefit your neighbor, as often times these sales and auctions benefit worthy causes. Here’s a sample to consider.

Sa 11/13- UNISON ARTS AUCTION at Unison Arts, New Paltz—Thanks to the auctioneering skill of Fred Mayo, this annual Unison Arts fundraiser has become a big hit, practically requiring advance ticket sales to guarantee a spot. Great food and wine, and a multitude of gifts, getaways, and prizes galore. Unison is a not-for-profit multi-arts center, providing a wide range of art events and activities. Unison Art Center, 68 Mountain Rest Rd., New Paltz,, 845.25.1559. 1 PM

11/19 through 12/19- Tivoli Artists Co-op and Gallery presents their 24TH ANNUAL HOLIDAY SHOW, at the Tivoli Artists Co-op and Gallery, Tivoli—Currently with around forty active members, The Tivoli Artists Co-op have a pretty open door membership policy, and lots of cool stuff is available during their popular month-long Holiday Show, with holiday themed paintings, photography, sculptures, and handmade jewelry and apparel by local artists. Tivoli Artists Co-op and Gallery, 60 Broadway, Tivoli,, 845.757.2667. Opening reception Sa 11/20 6-8 PM. Gallery hours Fr 5-9 PM, Sa 1-9 PM, Su 1-5 PM

Sa 12/11- Hudson Valley Sudbury School’s ANNUAL WINTER GIFT SALE, Hudson Valley Sudbury School, Kingston/West Hurley—With twenty vendors from around the Woodstock/Kingston area, this should be a great place to find a variety of fine art, textiles, clothing, body care products, handmade plushies, and pottery. All while enjoying delicious homemade soup, bread, and desserts. Hudson Valley Sudbury School offers an alternative to traditional education: let the students learn what they want, when they want to. Curious? Learn more at Hudson Valley Sudbury School, 84 Zena Rd., Kingston/West Hurley, 845.679.1002. 10 AM-6 PM

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