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July Music Festivals

Th-Su 7/14 through 7/17- GREY FOX BLUEGRASS FESTIVAL, at the Walsh Farm, Oak Hill —Sure, there are lots of great summer music festivals out there, some big-ticket multi-superstar mega-sellers out there breaking out the sound to the shirtless and steaming masses. But it’s also the summer season of the bluegrass festival, which—if you are at all so inclined—gives you a bit more that just loud music, heavy security, and overpriced beverages for your hard-earned dollars. The Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival is a great example. Though it’s changed homes a few times over the years, this annual Columbia County farm-based event has become one of the Northeast’s most consistent draws, growing yearly in popularity. As well they should: the line-up is as good it gets, and the opening “house band”—The Dry Branch Fire Squad, playing all four days—sets a pretty serious bar for the headliners, of which there are almost too many to count. But it’s not just the concert; there’s also the Dance Pavilion, where dance oriented groups keep feet on the floor all day and night, and lessons in square and clog dancing for those inclined to learn. There are musical workshops and master classes with bluegrass masters like Sam Bush and Tim O'Brien, as well the Grass Roots tent, where amateurs can jam and get tips from greats like Bill Keith and Kimber Ludiker. Plus, the Bluegrass Academy for kids, and family friendly things like crafts, tie-dying, yoga, games, and performances by clowns, ventriloquists, puppeteers and musicians at the Family Tent each day. Camping is optional, food and beverage vendors galore, and spontaneous jam sessions tend to sprout up about the premises. Sound good? Get those tickets! Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival, Walsh Farm, 1 Poultney Rd., Oak Hill,, 888.946.8495, 315.724.4473. See website for finalized schedule; this is also an incomplete line-up.

Thursday July 14
chris thile & 
    michael daves
peter rowan 
    bluegrass band
the gibson brothers
the boxcars
greensky bluegrass
donna the buffalo
spinney brothers
the hillbenders (also fr)
della mae (also fr)
the dixie bee-liners
    (also fr, sa)
red stick ramblers
    (also fr, sa)
john kirk & trish
    miller (also fr, sa)
fiddlestyx (also fr, sa)
katy wilson & 
    two time string band
Saturday July 16
sam bush band
j. d. crowe and 
    the new south
the infamous
crooked still
tony trischka territory
laurie lewis & 
    tom rozum
blue moose and 
    unbuttoned zippers
Friday July 15
o’brien party of seven
yonder mountain 
    string band
the steeldrivers
michael cleveland & 
claire lynch band
rockin’ acoustic 
    circus (also sa)
frank solivan & 
    dirty kitchen
    (also sa)
sweetback sisters
jubal’s kin
chasing blue

Sunday July 17
jim gaudet & the railroad boys
and more tba

Sa/Su 7/23 & 24- ROSENDALE STREET FESTIVAL, in Rosendale—This is truly the “people’s festival.” Though it started in the ‘70s as a much bigger deal, and over the years morphed into a showcase of regional musical talent and local vendors, the Rosendale Street Festival has weathered the abandonment of corporate donation and the spotty economy to continue to deliver a fun FREE weekend of music in July, five stages full of music in one of the coolest towns this side of the Hudson (in my humble opinion, anyhow). How do they do it? Well, it’s simple: everybody works for free (except, of course, the vendors): staff, drivers, musicians, sound guys. It’s kind of a mutual arrangement to just have a really good time for a couple of days. And some might put up their noses at the lack of “big named acts,” like festivals are supposed to have, I reckon. Well, I would reply this: dude, it’s a FREE festival. There are some really fine bands here that maybe aren’t super famous, but they get the job done every weekend all over five counties. And once y’all have spent umpteen hundred dollars at a Bonnaroo or Coachella or even Mountain Jam, I’m thinking FREE is a pretty damn good deal for a change. Who’s with me? And who knows, you might walk away with a new favorite regional band! And any donated funds go to help fund music scholarships for area youth. Speaking of which, the Festival is very kid friendly, with a Family Stage and flag-making station, and the Rosendale Theatre will also be open for the duration, showing a lineup of locally-produced short films. Visit for more information. See you there.

Sunday July 23
Canal Stage (family)
12 pm- cleoma’s ghost
 1 pm- shoe string band
 2 pm- kenny & 
       the eggplants
 3 pm- ratboy jr.
 4 pm- spiral up kidz
 5 pm- fuzzy lollipop
 6 pm- pook

Café Stage
(by rosendale café) 
12 pm- sweet island
 1 pm- victoria levy
 2 pm- the broad band
 3 pm- saints of swing
 4 pm- jim barbaro & 
       the magnetics
 5 pm- wdst-tbd
 6 pm- trio mio
 7 pm- zumbi zumbi

Creekside Stage
12 pm- cathy young
 1 pm- marji zintz
 2 pm- david longendyke
 3 pm- larrama
 4 pm- jeff entin & 
       bob blum
 5 pm- sarah kramer 
 6 pm- is
 7 pm- tim whalen & mr oh

Firehouse Stage
12 pm- peter morrison
 1 pm- ross rice’s 
       very sexy trio
 2 pm- connor kennedy
 3 pm- the trapps
 4 pm- soul purpose
 5 pm- homemade rockets
 6 pm- neil alexander
 7 pm- johnny monster

Mountain Stage
12 pm- tulula!
 1 pm- painmask
 2 pm- antidote 8
 3 pm- oryan
 4 pm- pitchfork militia
 5 pm- the big heavy
 6 pm- the virginia wolves
 7 pm- billy reed & 
       the street people
 8 pm- hart attack
Sunday July 24
Canal Stage (family)
12 pm- paper keys
 1 pm- kidz town rock
 2 pm- new rasberry bandits
 3 pm- grenadilla
 4 pm- dog on fleas
 5 pm- fre atlast/parade

Café Stage
12 pm- melinda dimaio
 1 pm- bobkat
 2 pm- gypsy jazz
 3 pm- lara hope & 
       the champtones
 4 pm- shorty king’s 
 5 pm- breakaway

Creekside Stage
12 pm- wally nichols
 1 pm- c. b. smith
 2 pm- don haynie
 3 pm- vickie russell
 4 pm- barellhouse
 5 pm- 4 gun ridge

Firehouse Stage
12 pm- di cross band
 1 pm- u-r-u
 2 pm- the rubber band
 3 pm- grey horizon
 4 pm- sabor con colour
 5 pm- joey eppard

Mountain Stage
12 pm- david kraii & 
       amy laber
 1 pm- david kraai & 
       the saddletramps
 2 pm- the kurt henry 
 3 pm- marc von em
 4 pm- the compact
 5 pm- mr. rusty
 6 pm- voodelic

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