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July Music Highlights

Sa 7/10 through 7/30- PIANOSUMMER AT NEW PALTZ institute/festival, at McKenna Theatre, SUNY New Paltz, New Paltz—Had he been born 200 years ago, there’s a very good chance Vladimir Feltsman would have been as big as any rock star today. But as it stands today, he’s an extremely gifted and well-respected classical pianist, having studied under Jacob Flier at the Moscow Conservatory, performed with virtually every major orchestra in the US, and released over 20 recordings covering a wide repertoire from Bach to the 20th Century. His annual PianoSummer at New Paltz—now in its fifteenth year—has become a vital institute for student pianists from around the world to study with an elite faculty, share cultures and friendships, and perform in front of a discerning and appreciative audience…while competing for the Jacob Flier Piano Competition. All concerts are open to the public; if you have any love for the amazing power of the grand piano and its considerable repertoire, be sure to catch some, if not all, of these shows. Piano Summer at New Paltz, McKenna Theatre, SUNY New Paltz, 1 Hawk Dr. New Paltz,, 845.257.3880

Sa 7/10- PianoSummer Faculty Gala featuring Vladimir Feltsman, Robert Hamilton, Phillip Kawin, Alexander Korsantia, Paul Ostrovsky, and Susan Starr 8 PM

Sa 7/17- Nikolai Demidenko, solo recital 8 PM

Sa 7/24- Haesun Paik, solo recital 8 PM

Fr 7/30- Symphony Gala with the Hudson Valley Philharmonic, featuring Vladimir Feltsman (soloist, conductor), and the winner of the Jacob Flier Piano Competition 8 PM

Fr 7/16- THE ARKHAMS, THE GODDAMN GALLOWS, HENCHMEN, and CREEPIN CADAVERS at The Basement, Kingston—With all this highfalutin classical stuff going on in Roll this month, dammit, we need some good twisted psychobilly garage action to bust it up a little. The Basement’s got a hot line-up here headlined by Queens-based The Arkhams—well known to aficionados in the area—who bring it with their double guitar attack, thumping upright and demonically punk drumming, with lyrics that plumb the dark side of the soul and sanity. Just what you need to make that beer go down good on a hot summer night. Goddamn Gallows mix punk with mandolin/washboard Americana into a heady brew, Henchmen blaze in from California, a lean ‘n’ mean trio with a more straightforward rockabilly update, and Creepin Cadavers rounds the show off with more throbbing, pulsating rumble. I’m not sure how this pscyhobilly thing got started, but I suspect it was by somebody trying to move a shipment of upright basses. Cause they’ve all got ‘em, and those things not only frickin look cool, but can move a woofer like a mother. The Basement, 744 Broadway, Kingston,, 845.338.0744. 9 PM

Tu 7/20- WKZE presents LANGHORNE SLIM and THE LOW ANTHEM at Bearsville Theater, Woodstock—OK, maybe I should take a quick one to mention that Todd Rundgren is bringing his Todd Rundgren’s Johnson Tour for two nights at his ex-home base (Sa 7/13). But he’ll probably have to problem packing the joint, so let’s have a look at a cool pair of lesser-known groups coming through Bearsville. Langhorne Slim is rootsy good-time quartet hot off a European tour and a boisterous set at Bonnaroo, touring their new third release Be Set Free. Great players with gutsy acoustic guitar, minimal drums, upright bass, and combination piano and banjo, plus fun tunes cast by Slim’s cracked yodel, make for what looks like a mighty good time, judging from the YouTube offering. Few bands are as aptly named as The Low Anthem, whose music has a slow, reverential quality, sometime utilizing harmoniums and bowed crotales (metal disks) to achieve an often languid atmosphere, while still feeling very much grounded in American soil. Bearsville Theater, 291 Tinker St., Bearsville/Woodstock,, 845.679.4406. 8 PM

Sa 7/31- 19th ANNUAL WOODSTOCK BEAT, featuring STEVE REICH AND MUSICIANS, NEXUS, and SO PERCUSSION, to benefit Woodstock Byrdcliffe Guild, at Maverick Concert Hall, Woodstock—If you’re any kind of fan of percussion—and really, who among us is not?—and you like contemporary music that doesn’t either repeat itself to death or sound like the musicians are hopelessly lost, then do not miss this show at Maverick. Steve Reich is one of the leading lights of modern composers, and has an uncanny way of making something completely new sound strangely familiar, using friendly modalities and rhythms. Here with his “with Musicians” group, they’ll be celebrating the anniversary of Reich’s seminal work Drumming (1970-71), and the evening will include several of Reich’s works. It’s hard to imagine a more well-known percussion ensemble than Nexus—Bob Becker, Bill Cahn, Russell Hartenberger, and Garry Kvistad—who have been hailed as the “the high priests of percussion” by The New York Times. But the newcomers are making them work for it: So Percussion is a quartet from Brooklyn who formed in 1999 at Yale, and have since been working with new composers to push the rhythmic envelope further. And it’s for a good cause: the venerable Woodstock Byrdcliffe Guild, one of the oldest art colonies in the US, still going strong. Maverick Concert Hall, 120 Maverick Rd., Woodstock,, 845.679.8348. 8 PM

Sa/Su 7/24 & 25- ROSENDALE STREET FESTIVAL, on Main St., Rosendale—The free music festival that just won’t quit, The Rosendale Street Festival is back in action once again thanks to the tireless efforts of volunteers, and the donation of music by over 70 bands and musicians. Having lost all corporate sponsorship last year, the RSF has picked up the slack with a series of year-long fundraisers, and any extra funds received beyond operating costs go to Operation Music Aid, a not-for-profit that provides scholarships for band camps, and purchases instruments for needy students. It’s two days of Rosendale at its best, with five stages of music, many vendors of all kinds, and yes, cold beer. It’s the People’s Party; come join us!Rosendale Street Festival, Main St., Rosendale,, 845.943.6497. Sa 7/24 12-9 PM, Su 7/25 12-7 PM

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