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July Art Highlights

7/10 through 8/7- JOSE ACOSTA solo show, at G.A.S Gallery and Performance Space, Poughkeepsie—It’s been a tough row to hoe for gallery owners these past few years, but G.A.S. Gallery man Franc Palaia has held his corner on Main St. Poughkeepsie strong. Fresh off his “Musicians Who Make Art” exhibition/performance work, which featured the likes of Ken Lovelett, Bucky Milam, and Studio Stu paintings and sculptural instruments, next up is a solo show by Jose Acosta, featuring a seven-year span of the Cuban-born painter’s works. Lush, exuberant, and jam packed with rich color and texture, Acosta’s paintings reflect his vibrant Cuban and Caribbean heritage, and have been exhibited widely in the Hudson Valley as well as in New York City. The opening reception would be a shame to miss, as it will be catered by the Acosta family, and features live music by La Orquesta de los Taino. G.A.S. Gallery and Performance Space, 196 Main St., Poughkeepsie,, 845.486.1378. Fr-Su 12-6 PM, opening reception Sa 7/24 6-9 PM

Through August- The Fields Sculpture Park Annual Summer Exhibition, at Omi International Arts Center, Ghent—Columbia County visitors who are knocking around between Hudson and Chatham should consider a quick diversion to the hamlet of Ghent, home of Omi International Arts Center. This not-for-profit residency program brings together artists from around the world to collaborate and inspire each other over the summer, focusing on four mediums: visual arts, music, dance, and literature. But the Fields Sculpture Park is open year-round, a open public space with six distinct viewing spaces, tucked into rolling hills, fields, and shady trees. And now with the addition of the Charles B. Benenson Visitors Center and Gallery—a LEED certified green building—Omi has a variety of programs on hand, as well as gift shop and café. . This year has additions by Mel Kendrick, Robert Melee, The Estate of Simon Ungers, and Franz West. Omi International Arts Center, 1405 County Rd. 22, Ghent,, 518.392.4747. Visitor center open Th-Su 11 AM- 5 PM

Sa 7/24 & 31- Opening of ELECTRIC WALLS and Public Art and Music Celebration for ELECTRIC WINDOWS 2010, at Open Space Gallery, Beacon—Founded in 2007 by Kalene Rivers and Daniel Weise, Open Space Gallery inhabits what was one an electric blanket factory (hence the name), and launched the “Electric Windows” series in 2008. Anyone who has ever ventured down to the east end of Main St. Beacon (Howland Center, Sukhothai) has surely noticed the large building with individual artworks as “windows.” 28 urban artists from around the country will be converging on Beacon for a day (Sa 7/31, noon) to create what will become this year’s yearlong exhibit, which has been expanded to include The Roundhouse, and a second unused storefront on Main. An accompanying street fair features music and dancing by M*Power Elite Team, live screen printing by Buxtonia, and live music by Ben Neill, Aabaraki, Hart Costa, DJ Birds in the Building, DJ Bobby Collins, DJ Krisis, Dr. Ambassador, Gold Monkey, and Scambler Seequill. The gallery interior will also feature works by the invited artists, in the show “Electric Walls” (reception Sa 7/24, 6 PM). Co-sponsored by Open Space Gallery, thundercut art and design studio, Nicole Romano Ashley (Burlock Home), and Jeff Ashey. Open Space Gallery, 510 Main St., Beacon,, 845.765.0731. ELECTRIC WALLS: Sa 7/24 6 PM; ELECTRIC WINDOWS: Sa 7/31 Noon

Through 7/31- BOB CRIMI solo show at B&G wines and liquors, Hillsdale—“The real draw to painting for me that has held up over the years is the challenge of putting forth colors and forms as problems and solving the relationships between them. It’s the moment when a single brush stroke magically brings it all together that I live for in the work,” says Bob Crimi, whose oil paintings “range from the peaceful and serene to the joyful and exciting.” Bob Crimi’s exuberance and spontanaity are always present in his work—whether it be a peaceful impressionistic landscape, or a dynamic study in abstract forms, his lush colors and vibrant brush strokes never fail to enchant. Don’t miss this exquisite selection of works by an artist who has proven over the years to both gratify and excite. For more information call 518.325.4882

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