About Face at DVAA

by Editorial Staff

The Alliance Gallery of the Delaware Valley Arts Alliance (DVAA) in Narrowsburg, NY, kicks off the 2016 gallery season with a group exhibition of artworks titled About Face. The exhibit opens on Saturday, February 6, with a reception from 2 – 4 pm, and will be on view through March 26.

Ken Cavanagh - “Self Evolution” - Photo

Ken Cavanagh — “Self Evolution” — Photo

As the title implies, About Face is an exhibition of portraits, a genre that has been in the doldrums since it’s swan-​​song was sung by Warhol and Hockney in the 60s and 70s, or so it seemed. But in recent years portraiture has been undergoing a resurgence, as has figurative art in general – witness the collaboration of those titans of the art world, Larry Gagosian and Jeffrey Dietch, in an ambitious exhibition of figurative art at Art Basel Miami 2015, titled Unrealism. Joanna Coles (editor-​​in-​​chief of Cosmopolitan) in conversation with James Tarmy, theorized about portraiture’s new-​​found popularity that, now, luxury is about having time. She said: “For a portrait, part of its value is that it took the artist time, and it took the sitter time, and that’s unquantifiable. It’s so different than having your photo taken.”

Figuration is perhaps the oldest art form and it is continually evolving, responding to technical innovations like printing, photography, and digital reproduction to reflect contemporary concepts of human identity, and the human condition. This show at DVAA includes a variety of portraits, conventional and unconventional, that are as much about the expression the artist captures as they are about a likeness to the subjects. Says gallery director and curator Michael (Rocky) Pinciotti, “Each artist has chosen to portray the subject’s charisma, temperament, individuality and psyche in such a way that the viewer is pulled into the subject’s world through the vehicle of the face — the mask we present to the world.”

Jonathan Fox, “Pneumonia!” – digital image

Jonathan Fox, “Pneumonia!” – digital image

The show grew out of general submissions received by the DVAA for the Alliance Gallery. Says Pinciotti, “A theme typically surfaces as we look through the submissions, and this year there were a number of unique works involving portraits.” The exhibition includes an assortment of media including painting, photography, collage and woodcut prints. Artists in the exhibit include Mark Ciocca, Claire Lambe, Lisa LoCurto, Charles Maraia, Akira Ohiso, John Rocklin, Richard Seehausen, Miguel Tio, and Scott A. Woolsey.

Mark Ciocca, “Self Portrait – woodcut

Mark Ciocca, “Self Portrait – woodcut

Happening concurrently with About Face is an on-​​line show on DVAA’s online Bgallery entitled Altered Ego – manipulated self portraits of and by the artists. Being on-​​line it includes artists from around the globe. However, it is a juried exhibition and the number of works is limited, which makes for a digestible visual experience.

Zoe Lambe - self portrait

Zoe Lambe — self portrait

Alliance Gallery is located at the Delaware Arts Center, 37 Main Street, Narrowsburg, NY, and is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm.

The opening reception for About Face will take place at the Delaware Arts Center on Saturday, February 6 from 2 to 4 pm, in conjunction with DVAA’s online Bgallery exhibition Altered Ego.

All images are courtesy of the artists and of the Alliance Gallery

Featured Image: About Face poster (detail) by the Alliance Gallery, courtesy of gallery director Michael (Rocky) Pinciotti.

For more information call 845 – 252-​​7576.

Alliance Gallery, 37 Main Street, Narrowsburg, NY 12764

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