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September Music Highlights

Su 9/12- Woodstock Music Shop HOME TOWN GET DOWN fundraiser for community and youth-based activities, featuring MARC BLACK, AMY HELM, JOURNEY BLUE HEAVEN, DAVID KRAAI, KYLE ESPOSITO, PEGGY ATWOOD, JEREMY BERNSTEIN, DB LEONARD, ELLY WINNINGER, and more, at Colony Café, Woodstock—One cause you can always get a musician behind, it’s making musical creation available to kids who need it. How many times have you heard about a young person turng towards the discipline of music, and finding not just something important to say with their souls, but a new way to process the information of life, which oddly enough has the side effect of improving grades and intelligence? The folks at the recently-moved Woodstock Music Shop have plans for a small recording studio at their new location, free of charge for local youth to experiment and make demos. Working in tandem with the Woodstock Youth Center, they plan to offer more musically-themed activities like concerts, workshops, classes; even things like kids karaoke, and Rock Band/Guitar Hero contests with prizes. This Colony Café benefit features some of Woodstock’s finest: Bruce Ackerman, Peggy Atwood, Jeremy Bernstein, Marc Black, Mr. E, The Dylan Emmitt Band, Kyle Esposito, Amy Helm, Brian Hollander, Journey Blue Heaven, David Kraai, DB Leonard, Mike & Ruthy, Don Sparks, Norm Wennett, Elly Winninger, and more. Colony Café, 22 Rock City Rd., Woodstock,, 845.679.3224. 2 PM- Midnight

We 9/22- The Kingston Land Trust presents the first annual Harvest Moon Benefit Concert, featuring the KINGSTON HIGH SCHOOL JAZZ COMBO and PERCUSSION ORCHESTRA OF KINGSTON (POOK), at Falcon Arts, Marlboro—Since the Kingston Land Trust got their new chief, there’s been a musical bent to the fundraising. Small wonder: Rebecca Martin (previously featured in Roll) has already had a successful music career with Once Blue, and has since continued an intriguing solo career while raising a young child with her husband, bassist Larry Grenadier. Now, as head of the Kingston Land Trust, she plans to raise awareness not only about local natural features, but also young musical talent. Anyone who has heard the Kingston High School Jazz Combo has been floored by the quality and attention to detail they put into the charts, performing at Jazz at Lincoln Center as one of the finalists in the national Essentially Ellington competition, and at the annual NYSSMA conference in Rochester. POOK—the Percussion Orchestra of Kingston—is a program founded in 1997 by three professional percussionists with a strong interest in education and youth development. Members of POOK learn rhythms from all over the world that they then turn into unique arrangements of traditional material. More than one hundred area youngsters have taken part in the ensemble and the group has given concerts all over the region, including performances at West Point and Jacob’s Pillow. The show happens at Falcon Arts in Marlboro, a premiere room for jazz, with fine food and full bar. Falcon Arts, 1348 Rte. 9W, Marlboro,, 845.877.5263 (Land Trust). 7 PM

Th 9/23- ACCEPT with KINGS X, at The Chance Theater, Poughkeepsie—Anybody who is down with loud-ass guitar, thunderiffic bass and drums, and actual melodic—yet serious and manly—singing over it, with understandable words and attention to performance, is not going to want to miss this veritable clinic in how to do it right. Accept is your archetypical Teutonic metal group, starting out in the 70s as a speed-metal group before emerging alongside of MTV with their 1983 album/hit Balls to the Wall. The band had sporadic success since, and with several line-up changes and hiatuses, but is back with a new group—built around original members Peter Baltes and Wolf Hoffmann—and a new CD (Blood of the Nations, 2010). Formed in 1980, Kings X has had its line-up intact from day one, and (in my opinion) are one of the most dynamic rock trios in history. Bassist Doug Pinnick’s signature 12-string bass and soulful lead vocals are augmented by Ty Tabor’s inventive (and huge) guitar, and Jerry Gaskill’s understated, yet powerful drums. Three-part harmony stuff Alice In Chains wish they could hit, and tunes that actually have emotional pathos: why isn’t this more popular? Maybe you should go find out for yourself. The Chance Theater, 6 Crannell St., Poughkeepsie,, 845.471.1966. 7 PM

Sa 9/25- MARTYN JOSEPH at the Rosendale Café, Rosendale—I don’t admit to know a lot about Wales, but I know two things. One: they don’t seem to need as many vowels as the rest of us do. And two: the Welsh tend to have big tuneful voices. Think I’m joking? Two words: Tom Jones. And while I’m at it, two more: Martyn Joseph, whose warm dry baritone plays nicely off his powerful and precise solo acoustic guitar work, and who will be gracing the intimate stage of the Rosendale Café. 25 years in the biz, 30 albums (most recent is Evolved, 2008), five Top U.K. chart positions, tours with Suzanne Vega, Marc Cohn, Joan Armatrading, Runrig, Clannad, Chris de Burgh, Art Garfunkel, Jools Holland, Celine Dion, and Shirley Bassey. And voted Best Male Artist at the 2004 BBC Welsh Music Awards. No squeaky tenors from London get that one. Joseph is what you might call an old-school balladeer, able to inform, soothe, illuminate, work the emotional spectrum, resonate with the room. We recommend getting tickets in advance, this one is going to be jamming. (And get some of the Café’s famous gazpacho while the tomatoes are in!) Rosendale Café, 434 Main St., Rosendale,, 845.658.9048. 8 PM

Fr-Su 10/8 through 10/10- O+ FESTIVAL OF MUSIC, ART & WELLNESS, featuring COMMON PRAYER, HOPEWELL, MIKE & RUTHY, NINA VIOLET, POOK, and more, in Uptown Kingston.—Featuring twenty bands curated by members of Kingston-based indie gods Mercury Rev, the O+ Festival of Music, Art & Wellness provides a wealth of artistic festivities, that also unites artists directly with a coalition of local health care providers and resources—all participating artists will receive free and discounted health services from medical and health professionals for free or at discounted rates. O+ was started by a handful of Hudson Valley artists and doctors whose goals were to bring vitality to their neighborhood and to offer a community-driven solution to the inaccessibility of public health care. Dr. Thomas Cingel, DDS, a Kingston-based dentist and festival co-organizer, says “O+ is about supporting our artists by providing them a weekend-long health clinic. In some cases, treatment will continue after the festival at little or no cost.” Artists are often called upon to perform their services for free in benefit gig situations, quite often they are the only ones doing so. Here’s an excellent chance to give a little something back to them for a change, while enjoying some top shelf art and entertainment. Along with exhibits, short films, performances, and large-scale outdoor wheat-paste murals, bands galore perform—Common Prayer, Hopewell, Mike & Ruthy, Nina Violet, POOK, and fifteen more—sagely selected by members of Mercury Rev. Participating Uptown Kingston venues include Keegan Ales, Elephant, the Stockade Tavern, Backstage Studio Productions, and the Beahive. O+ Festival of Music, Art & Wellness, Uptown Kingston, See website for times and venues.

Sa 10/9- 5th Annual ROBBIE DUPREE & FRIENDS show, at Bearsville Theater, Woodstock—If you were alive and conscious in 1980, chances are real good you’ve heard Robbie Dupree. The perky perfect roller-skate groove, popping synth riff, and smooth vocal delivery of “Steal Away” had a ubiquitous presence on FM radio that year, and followed by follow-up hits “Hot Rod Hearts” and “Brooklyn Girls,” Dupree seemed to have the foundation set for major stardom, which yet somehow managed to elude him. Undaunted, Dupree has since continued to perform his well-written and soulful “smooth rock” for his solid international fan base and record ten albums—most recently his well-received Time and Tide (Spectra, 2010), featuring some of the cream of the Woodstock musicians (David Sancious, Larry Hoppen). And darned if the bus isn’t passing around for another look: Dupree recently performed—with The Roots—on Jimmy Fallon’s show, as part of Fallon’s ongoing tribute to “yacht rock,” which is apparently a term for the resurgent laid-back California style popular in the late 70s/early 80s, as well as the title of a cult online serial. Meanwhile, the irresistible “Steal Away” keeps popping up, most recently on Saturday Night Live and the film “I Love You Phillip Morris,” with Jim Carrey and Ewan MacGregor. Dupree plays Bearsville every October, and Woodstock’s finest will be on hand to make it a memorable show. Bearsville Theater, 291 Tinker St. (Rte. 212), Woodstock/Bearsville,, 845.679.4406. 7 PM

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