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November Theatre Highlights

Fr/Sa 11/20, 21- Mohonk Mountain Stage Readers Theater Group presents RIP VAN WINKLE: A ONE BOOK, ONE NEW PALTZ READING (11/20); Unison Art Center presents MIKHAIL HOROWITZ and GILLES MALKINE (11/21), at Unison Art Center, New Paltz—Here’s a good weekend two-fer for you at Unison. Friday night it’s a theatrical version of the locally inspired Rip Van Winkle tale. From the Unison release: “In 1859, a young American actor named Joseph Jefferson began to perform a version of the American classic story Rip Van Winkle. This version was never entirely successful, but Jefferson's reputation grew as a fine comedic actor. In 1865, he asked his friend, Irish playwright Dion Boucicault, to develop a full-length play from the material. Boucicault wrote what became one of the most famous plays of the late 18th century. Jefferson toured the play for 40 years, fixing his interpretation of Rip in the collective imagination of American culture.” Then, on Saturday night it’s “Cutting Edge Anachronisms” with musical and comedic nonsense-ations Mikhail Horowitz and Gilles Malkine, whose schtick and ditties somehow manage to fill the house quickly (so reserve your tickets), and never fail to leave audiences yukking it up. Or was it yucking it up? Either way, it’s worth a small amount of your time and lucre to see what the lack of buzz is all about. Unison Art Center, 68 Mountain Rest Rd., New Paltz,, 845.255.1559. Both shows 8 PM

moliere's THE MISER

Fr-Su 11/13 through 22- Shandaken Theatrical Society presents Molière’s THE MISER at STS Playhouse, Phoenicia—Despite having secured the protection and support of King Louis XIV, French playwright Molière still found himself with powerful enemies. The French Roman Catholic Church was deeply offended by his previous production Tartuffe (1664), whose religiously hypocritical lead character was seen as a direct assault, leading the Archbishop of Paris to proclaim anybody involved with producing or witnessing the play excommunicated. As a result, subsequent plays had no such inclination to controversy. A self-conscious farce or “comedy of manners,” The Miser (1668) has a skinflint for a hero, makes a running joke of the use of asides to the audience, and has an ending reminiscent of…Star Wars? STS gives you another good reason to get up in the Catskill Mountains over the weekend. Adapted by Miles Malleson, directed by Amy Wallace. STS Playhouse, 10 Church St., Phoenicia,, 845.688.2279. Fr & Sa 8 PM, Su 4 PM

i take your hand in mind at WTD

11/12 through 29- Walking the Dog Theater presents I TAKE YOUR HAND IN MINE, by Carol Rocamora, at Space 360, Hudson—Created by the playwright to be performed by Academy Award-winner Olympia Dukakis and Louis Zorich, I Take Your Hand In Mine is based on over 400 love letters between legendary Russian playwright Anton Chekhov and Olga Knipper, founding member and leading lady for the world famous Moscow Art Theatre. The two knew each other for six years, the last three as husband and wife, until his death in 1904. It’s an intimate look into the lives of two exceptional and creative people living in Russia at the turn of the century, through a play that Dukakis herself hailed as “a gift for all lovers of the theater.” Directed by Benedicta Bertau, starring David Anderson and Bethany Caputo. Space 360, 360 Warren St., Hudson,, 1.800.838.3006. Th-Sa (and We 11/18) 8 PM, Su (and Sa 11/27) 2 PM

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