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Woo Hoo! It's official! According to the contest website, the Rosendale Theatre Collective is the first-place winner of the Pepsi Refresh Challenge, securing $50,000 dollars for the non-profit to go towards the purchase of the downtown Rosendale Theater, and to continue its mission to provide a venue for cinema, music, and the arts in downtown Rosendale in the tradition of the theatre’s original and longtime owners, the Cacchio family. Dang, I might even have to quaff a Pepsi in honor of the moment: it’s been over a decade since I had one.

It was not an easy challenge; organizations from around the country competed for the prize, which went to the group that got the most people to vote on the website—one vote per day permitted to all. Facebook and Twitter were used to full effect, with like-minded folks reminding each other regularly to pop in and vote. Apparently, everyone around here wanted it just a little more than everyone else, and now the Collective is well on the way of reaching its goal to buy the theatre and make some improvements. Though hopefully, not too many; some of us like the unassuming family charm of the place as it is.

But yeah, what a nice feeling of community—we did it! It’s a nice oasis of good vibes in an otherwise difficult week in the world: the staggering and historical disaster that is the Gulf Oil Spill, the criminally under-covered story of the Nashville flood—29 dead, people are still missing, houses submerged. And the parade of feckless greed that is Goldman Sachs testifying before Congress, saying it’s perfectly fine to bet large against the funds you design for investors, funds that you know have toxic loans in them. It’s like selling a horse you know is sick (but looks healthy) to someone, then betting against it in a race. Except, doing it with billions of dollars. Our dollars.

Well, we’ve all heard the Golden Rule. You know, those that have the gold, rule? Well, how about we stop giving the big banks “the gold.” They clearly don’t do much good “ruling” with it lately, do they?

This is why we agree with the Move Your Money concept of taking your money out of the big national banks and institutions, and relocating it into your local bank or credit union. If the big banks are “too big to fail,” they’re also too big to care about you, evidenced by the increased fees and penalties they’ve been pulling out lately. Think about it; what’s Bank of America ever done for you, other than make you pay more and more for your own money? Why not keep your money here at home where it belongs?

And then there’s an interesting new/old idea floating around: The Hudson Valley Current. To be made available at participating regional banks and businesses, the Hudson Valley Current would help folks make a conscious commitment to buy locally first, be it a product or a service, and keep the money flowing throughout the community. It’s a cool idea that is presently being developed. If you’re interested, keep an eye on for more.

Meanwhile, we’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: there’s a whole lotta great stuff going down this month in the Hudson Valley, as evidenced by our burgeoning listings pages. We still have state parks open in the Catskills and Gunks, great art on display for the Arts Along the Hudson—where seven area cities/towns host Saturday art walks—and Mountain Jam up at Hunter, with its roster of great bands (Levon Helm has a must-see show on the last day, don’t miss it!)

So have fun out there, enjoying the spring sunshine. But if it rains, I know a great little movie theatre in Rosendale where you can catch the latest…

Cheers, Ross Rice
Editor, Roll Magazine

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