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March Art Highlights

3/11 through 4/18- “WALKING HOME”: photography by Ida Weygandt, also works by Elliot Kaufman and Kelly Shimoda, at Carrie Haddad Photographs, Hudson—Just a bit down the street from her gallery, Carrie Haddad Photographs has a similar attention to quality work from (mostly) regionally based artists. This month features photographer Ida Weygandt’s “Walking Home.” From the press release, “In the large format photographs presented in this exhibit, Ida Weygandt uses the landscape to expand on her themes of interior world aligning with exterior, of the interconnection between nature and self and the concept of home. And, in turn, the elements absorb her, taking her in, making her at home. Whether or not she physically appears as a component in the landscapes, Weygandt uses texture and light to reflect and enlarge on the wider landscape she sees. Each image, with or without the figure, is about both interior and exterior, the self and the land. “ With works by Elliot Kaufman: “The original sources are what we see—sky and water. Kaufman sets up a static camera shot, sometimes for three to four days or sometimes just a few hours at intervals of every one second to every hour, depending on the view and dynamic movement of the scene. He is dependent on cooperative weather patterns and often rewarded with remarkable surprises.” And Kelly Shimoda’s series I guess you don’t want to talk to me anymore “is a documentation of mobile phone text messages by and to people she has encountered—both those familiar to her and strangers. The 8 x 10 inch images provide the viewer an intimate look at this form of communication that is fleeting by design and rarely seen by anyone other than the original author or intended recipient.” Carrie Haddad Photographs, 318 Warren St., Hudson,, 518.828.1915.
Opening reception with the artists Sa 3/13 6-8 PM

3/13 through 10/3- “WATER, WATER EVERYWHERE”: regional artist group show at Beacon Institute for Rivers and Estuaries, Beacon—Though it’s considered one of the great American rivers, the Hudson is really more an estuary with its wide-open access to the Atlantic Ocean, making this region an excellent place to do research on river/estuary systems. In 2000, New York Governor George Pataki established a commission to devise plans for an institute dedicated to river and estuary studies, and in 2003, Beacon was selected as an ideal location. Finally, in 2008, the Beacon Institute for Rivers and Estuaries was established, completing the Center for Environmental Innovation and Education on Denning’s Point. This month the Institute has a variety of events, but the main feature is “Water, Water, Everywhere,” where Hudson Valley artists explore “the ubiquity of water.” Artists include Joel Adas, Peter Brauch, Erica Hauser, Laura Moriarty, Richard Sigmund, and Shaun Snow. Beacon Instiute for Rivers and Estuaries, 199 Main St., Beacon,, 845.838.1600.
Opening reception Sa 3/13 6-8 PM

Through 3/28- “BEYOND THE GRID/AN ARTIST’S JOURNEY” solo retrospective of painter CHRIS GONYEA, at Seven21 Media Center, KingstonAs otherwise described in our roll stage & screen section this month, Seven21 Media Center in Kingston is also a multi-floored art gallery, with this month’s focus on painter Chris Gonyea. What makes this exhibition special is how it shows the development of the artist’s creative process over the course of his career, starting with his more abstract collages in the mid 80s, and moving towards his more recent use of trees and landscape images as motifs to reveal the kinetic energy of nature. Gonyea has shown in Belfast and Munich, and recently was part of the “The Uncanny Valley” exhibition at the Samuel Dorsky Museum at SUNY New Paltz, all while maintaining his own gallery The Livingroom in uptown Kingston. Seven21 Media Center is a good stop to make on First Saturdays with Arts Along the Hudson. Seven21 Media Center, 721 Broadway, Kingston,, 845.331.0551.
Open weekdays until 5

Through 4/3- “THE BUG, THE SPIDER, & THE BUTTERFLY”: GERBEN MULDER, XAVIER NOIRET-THOMÉ and JANAINA TSCHÄPE, at Roos Arts, RosendaleIt’s an interesting triad of artists featured at Roos in Rosendale this month; each artist really does seem to be part of the same three-legged stool. Even if each leg has its own distinct style and texture, they somehow come together to make a cohesive—if not contrapuntal—exhibition. I’ll let reviewer Joann Kim take it from here: “In this exhibition the object, process, and practice of Painting is discussed, dissected, decomposed and re-interpreted by three artists who take on different approaches to find a common ground, one that relishes in the instability and fleeting significance of cultural statements. Xavier Noiret-Thomé appreciated the structure and geometric perfection of the spiderweb, Janaina Tschäpe swells in the fluidity of water and the shapes subsequently painted, and Gerben Mulder combines forms derived from culture and nature to emphasize impermanence. Here, nature is more ephemeral than ever before, and the structures existing within its multi-faceted forms are given credence through the artistic practice.” Roos Arts, 449 Main St., Rosendale,, 718.755.4726.

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