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June Art Highlights

6/2 through 7/10- NANCY RUTTER, PAUL CHOJNOWSKI, WILLIE MARLOWE, DAVID KONIGSBERG, and PAUL KATZ, at Carrie Haddad Gallery, Hudson—It takes a moment gazing at the color mosaics of painter Nancy Rutter, but eventually you see them: the shapes of Columbia county landscapes, rendered with unexpected color and texture. “Abstract landscapes” seems an appropriate description of these paintings, their emotional brightness a nice way to enter the early summer, at Carrie Haddad Gallery. These works are harmonized by the cloudscapes of David Konigsberg, blobs of cumulus hovering over vast fields and farmhouses, dirt roads, strange airships. Konigsberg also has strong ties to the area, and is actively involved with the Columbia Land Conservancy, helping to preserve open spaces. Visual counterpoint is provided by the “wood-burnings” of Paul Chojnowski, with the result of a series of works that resemble nighttime black & white photographs taken in New York City, where only the light is visible. Using a canvas as well as objects like bottles and statuettes, Paul Katz festoons his surfaces with what almost appear to be non-linear crossword puzzles, or possibly messages, in black and white (sometimes red) lines and letters written and drawn in fine detail. Willie Marlowe uses an intense palette and multiple layers of translucent glazes to bring an extra luminosity to her acrylic on paper paintings, blending abstract with geometric images. Carrie Haddad Gallery, 622 Warren St., Hudson,, 518.828.1915. Closed We. Open Th-Tu 11 AM-5 PM

6/11 through 7/10- “HUDSON VALLEY ART & WINE” travelling group show, at M Gallery, Catskill—Abbott & Costello. Macaroni & Cheese. Art & Wine? A potent case could be made here for a classic pairing, as they do often seem to be a simpatico combination. Certainly better than Art & Beer, or Art & Liquor. OK, anyway, this is a year-long collaboration of art and wine that—after an initial kickoff celebration at the Lyndhurst Mansion—travels to three more towns along the Hudson River, for one month each.

First stop is Alyson Milbourn’s M Gallery in downtown Catskill, with 18 regional artists featured in a juried selection (curated by Hudson Valley Wine Magazine) of original paintings, photographs, weaving, sculpture and jewelry—all of them wine-inspired works, with the artists “paired” with twelve local wineries.

Considering that the birthplace of the oldest existing winery in the U.S. (Brotherhood Winery, 1839) and oldest major U.S. art movement The Hudson River School, 1825—both happened in the Hudson Valley, it simply makes sense to celebrate these two fine traditions together. Artists include Jan Horton (acrylics), Crista Pisano, Sasha Chermayeff, Judy Reynolds (oils); Lee Anne Morgan (fine art photography); Barbara Rubin, Virginia Donovan (oils), Joan Damiani, Anne Gabriele (photography), John Laurenzi (acrylics), Susan Togut (mixed media), K. Velis Turan (mixed media fiber), Paul Gould (oils), David Borenstein (mixed media), Paola Bari (overglaze on porcelain), Robert Breur (sculpture in clay and wood), Vince Natale (oil and graphite), and Patrick Milbourn (oil). M Gallery, 350 Main St., Catskill,, 518.943.0380. Artist Reception Sa 6/11, 6-8 PM

Sa 6/25- NANCY OSTROVSKY (painter) and STAN STRICKLAND (woodwinds, percussion) at the Rosendale Theatre, Rosendale—Watching an artist paint can often be marginally more interesting than watching paint dry, after all, the artist is not there to entertain the witness. Unless it’s the painter Nancy Ostrovsky, who—in collabaration with one or more musicians—invites an audience to share the process, using their energy in tandem with the music to inspire the painting, as it happens. It can be risky, but North African-born Ostrovsky gets some pretty amazing results from the immediacy of the moment, having done this for over 30 years, with musicians as diverse as David Murray, Fred Hopkins, Erica Lindsay, Roswell Rudd, Glynis Loman, Leonard Brown, Lisa Thorson's JazzArtSigns, Syd Smart, Thurman Barker, Elizabeth Panzer, Ferdinand Forsch, and Hugh Brodie. To quote the artist from an Italian interview in 2007, “The intricacies of the use of colors—patterns and composition, and images from my unconscious, are all important aspects of how I respond to the music I am hearing, giving me an infinite number of possibilities. Good music hits me in my belly, works its way through my body, creating emotions and energies that force me to be real, as real as possible while painting that particular work.” The results are often figurative, kinetic, passionate. For this Rosendale Theatre event she is accompanied by Stan Strickland, a musical and artistic polymath: singer, saxophonist, flutist, percussionist, actor, educator (Berklee College of Music, Tufts, Lesley College, Longy School of Music), filmmaker, and arts therapist. Rosendale Theatre, 330 Main St., Rosendale,, 845.658.8989. 8 PM

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