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July Theatre Highlights

7/11 through 8/30- Second Annual MOUNT TREMPER ARTS FESTIVAL, Mt. Tremper—Founded and directed by photographer Mathew Pokoik and choreographer Aynsley Vandenbroucke, Mount Tremper Arts is an artistic enclave in the Catskills halfway between Woodstock and Phoenicia. Their post-and-beam studio has become a hot summer destination, featuring a potent combination of visual and movement art performances and exhibitions through August. Evenings usually end with a campfire, and intimate post-performance Q&A sessions with the artists. Classes for kids are available on Mondays, and on Thursday nights a weekly barbeque dinner party is hosted. Mount Tremper Arts, 647 South Plank Rd. (off Rte. 212), Mt. Tremper,, 845.688.9893. All performances 8 PM

PERFORMANCES Sa 7/11-Opening Night with robbinschilds: Sonya and Layla Go Camping
Fr/Sa 7/17 & 18-Liz Sargent Installations: Revealing
Fr/Sa 7/24 & 25-Brian Brooks Moving Company: Rapid Still
Fr/Sa 7/31, 8/1-Aynsley Vandenbroucke Movement Group: 3 Dancers, 4 Chairs, 26 Words
Fr/Sa 8/7 & 8-Monica Bill Barnes + Company: Suddenly Summer Somewhere
Fr/Sa 8/14 & 15-Mark Jarecke: Everything Up Until Now and Including
Fr/Sa 8/21 & 22-Collective Opera Company: Scarlet Fever
Fr/Sa 8/28 & 29-Kimberly Bartosik: The Materiality of Impermanence

7/17 through 8/9- The Producers, by Mel Brooks and Thomas Meehan, at The Center for Performing Arts, Rhinebeck—No offense to Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick, but to this writer The Producers lead duo of charming swindler Max and nebbish accountant Leo will always and forever be embodied by Zero Mostel and Gene Wilder, in the original movie The Producers (1968). But I digress. Mel Brooks’ and Thomas Meehan’s musical makeover—with the redoubtable Lane and Broderick—stormed Broadway in 2001, racking up an unprecedented 12 Tony Awards, leading to a movie (2005) of the musical . . . based on the movie. The basic story about a failed producer and accountant who concoct a plan to oversell shares in a new musical production, stage a sure-fire flop (Springtime for Hitler) that closes opening night, and make off with the ill-gotten gains, has held up well through the adaptations, and this Up In One production at CPA will be the first ever staging of the show in the Hudson Valley. The Center for Performing Arts, Rte. 308, Rhinebeck,, 845.876.3080. Fr/Sa 8 PM, Su 3 PM

7/27 through 8/17- FIFTH ANNUAL BERKSHIRE FRINGE, at the Daniel Arts Center, Bard College at Simon’s Rock, Great Barrington MA—Weekenders visiting the tri-state area and the Bershires will find this vibrant little festival percolating over in Great Barrington this month. Featuring six new theatrical and dance works, the 5th Annual Berkshire Fringe also hosts “:30 Live”, a free music series on Monday and Wednesday evenings (7 PM), “Earlystages” (Su 8/16 at 12, 1:30 & 3 PM ), presenting staged readings of brand-new works, and free Community Workshops every Saturday (1:30 PM), taught by Fringe artists, and open to everybody ages 16-96. See website for details and list of musicians. Berkshire Fringe, The Daniel Arts Center, Bard College at Simon’s Rock, 84 Alford Rd., Great Barrington MA,, 413.320.4175.

The Gay Agenda’s Great Big Broadway Show!, by Micah Bucey and Nicolas Williams: Wed 7/29 8 PM (w/ Post Show Discussion)Th 7/30 9 PM, Fr 7/31 7 PM, Sa 8/1 9 PM and Su 8/2 6 PM
The Disappearing Woman, by Nell Bryer, Alissa Cardone, Lorraine Chapman, and Bronwen MacArthur: Th 7/30 7 PM, Fr 7/31 9 PM, Sa 8/1 7 PM, Su 8/2 8 PM, Mo 8/3 8 PM (w/ post show discussion)
Circumference, by Amy Salloway: We 8/5 8 PM (w/ post show discussion), Th 8/6 9 PM, Fr 8/7 7 PM, Sa 8/8 9 PM, Su 8/9 6 PM
Elephants and Gold, by Eliza Ladd and Little Tree Productions: Th 8/6 7 PM, Fr 8/7 9 PM, Sa 8/8 7 PM, Su 8/9 8 PM, Mo 8/10 8 PM (w/ post show discussion)
Hurricane Hotel, by John K. Lawson, dir. By Aimee Michel: Sa 8/9 2 PM
Phi Alpha Gamma, by Dan Bernitt: We 8/12 8 PM (w/ post show discussion), Th 8/13 9 PM, Fr 8/14 7 PM, Sa 8/15 9 PM, Su 8/16 7 PM
Graveyard Shift, by Gabriel W. Patel, dir. by John L. Hadden: Th 8/13 7 PM, Fr 8/14 9 PM, Sa 8/15 7 PM, Su 8/16 9 PM, Mo 8/17 8 PM (w/ post show discussion)

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