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February Art Highlights

Through 3/2- Simon Draper’s Habitat for Artists Goes Indoors, at the Van Brunt Gallery, Beacon—In the summer of 2008, artist Simon Draper invited several Hudson Valley artists to participate in a collaborative exhibition project. Draper, who has been working with concepts regarding habitat/shelter in his own art for the past several years, provided each artist with a basic 6ft. by 6ft. shed at Spire Studios (Beacon), to be used as a workspace for the duration of the seven-month outdoor show. The sheds literally functioned as temporary studio spaces and came outfitted with simple openings, doors, windows and skylight. Over the winter, the artists are bringing the project indoors to the Van Brunt Gallery, transforming the gallery into an active work space/habitat where their processes and works produced will be on view. The aim is to blur the boundaries between artist and viewer, and to engage the public and provoke dialogue not normally associated with traditional gallery exhibitions. Habitat for Artists collaborators: Chris Albert, Richard Bruce, Sharon Butler, Ryan Cronin, Kathy Feighery, Marnie Hillsley, Matthew Kinney, Grace Knowlton, Sara Mussen, Steven Rossi, Todd Sargood, Matthew Slaats, Lynn Stein, Dar Williams, Grey Zeien and Donald Kimmel and the Flying Swine Live Theater. Van Brunt Gallery, 137 Main St., Beacon,, 845.838.2995.

Sa 2/28- Women’s Studio Workshop 12th Annual Chili Bowl Fiesta, Rosendale Recreation Center, Rosendale—This mid-winter warmup brings local artists and chefs together to raise funds for the non-profit Women’s Studio Workshop. Over 700 bowls and tumblers, handmade in WSW’s ceramics studio, will be for sale at the event. Each bowl was created on a potter’s wheel or hand built by resident artists, local potters, staff, interns or volunteers who have participated in WSW’s internationally known programming in the past year. Shoppers at the event will enjoy the use of their new bowls immediately, as each purchased bowl comes with a hearty helping of Fiesta Chili, with cornbread and lemonade— all generously donated by over 20 renowned Ulster County restaurants, with vegan/vegetarian selections also available. With a performance by Dog On Fleas at 4 PM. Rosendale Recreational Center, Rte. 32, Rosendale,, 845.658.9133. 2-7 PM

Through 2/28- GENERATION GAP at Art Society of Kingston (ASK), Kingston—Curator Sadee Brathwaite explores the question: Can you determine someone’s age range solely based on the type of art they make and how they make it? What subtle and not so subtle nuances enable us to make these discernments? The answers may be enlightening viewing work by artists who are young yet create work with the sophistication of someone twice their age. Or those who are mature in age but infuse their craft with youthfulness in technique and execution. To reinforce the “generation gap” in question, this exhibition imposes one rule: only artists under 30 and over 60. ASK Arts Center, 97 Broadway, Kingston,, 845.338.0331. Tu-Sa 1-6 PM

Through 2/27- Marc Willhite’s TABLEAUX, at kork, Poughkeepsie—At first glance, the lengthy press release for this “exhibition” seems legit, with the usual descriptions and artistic explanations. Then, while reading, it dawns on you: this work is not being shown in a gallery per se. No, the “gallery” is in fact a 24” by 36” bulletin board space….over the copy machine at Bailey Browne CPA & Associates. Whether it’s a Monty Python-esque goof on art show openings, or an inspired attempt to get accounting clients, you have to admit it’s a pretty good prank. Or maybe the future of (extremely) small-scale exhibition. Drop on by “kork” if you’re in Poughkeepsie and admire Marc Willhite’s whimsically gauzy work (office hours, Mo-Fr). What the heck, get your taxes done too! kork at Bailey Browne & Associates, 80 Washington Ave., Suite 202, Poughkeepsie.

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