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August Art Highlights

Fr-Su 8/13 through 8/15- THE WASSAIC PROJECT SUMMER FESTIVAL 2010, at the Maxon Mills and the Luther Auction Barn, Wassaic—Last year, we covered this merry band of NYC ex-pats stationed out on the eastern edge of Dutchess County, near Amenia. The little hamlet of Wassaic has a nice big old mill building, which has been put to good use by The Wassaic Project, a diverse group of multi-disciplinary artists devoted to sustainable practices and community engagement. With working studios, workshops, and a year-round residency program, the Project has made champagne results from a beer (grant) budget. This summer festival is free (but you should donate something), camping is available and encouraged, and you get 100 artists, 25 bands, poetry readings, dance performances, film screenings, food and drink vendors, and more. Parking is minimal, so carpooling is encouraged, and—who knew?—Wassaic happens to be a stop on the MetroNorth train line, two hours from Grand Central. I haven’t heard of many of these bands (The Luyas, She Keeps Bees, Pink Skull, etc.), which of course means they’re probably really good. Please see website for details, of which there are many. Wassaic Project Summer Festival, The Maxon Mills, 37 Furnace Bank Rd., and The Luther Barn, 15 Furnace Bank Rd., Wassaic, Art reception at Maxon Mills Sa 8/14 5-7 PM

Sa/Su 8/14 & 15- EIGHTH ANNUAL SAUGERTIES ARTISTS STUDIO TOUR, at multiple locations in the town of SaugertiesFor two days every summer for the last eight years, a somewhat unique event occurs in the town of Saugerties. 39 artists open their studios to the public, working in a variety of media: painting, printmaking, collage, photography, ceramics, fine furniture and sculpture. It’s an intimate look at the artist’s private world of creation, revealing much about technique and process. And art lovers can get some nice deals, too. We suggest the following: go to the Saugerties Artist Tour website (, and click on “the Artists” tab. Check out some work, and make note of who interests you.. Then go to the “Map” tab and click, where you get a choice of a business location where a map can be picked up (or simply download a map pdf from the website). Gas up the car (or inflate your bike tires), and you’re off! Sponsors include the Dutchess County Arts Council and Art Society of Kingston (ASK). Saugerties Artists Studio Tour, Town of Saugerties,, 10 AM- 6 PM

Through September- Spotlight on the SAMUEL DORSKY MUSEUM OF ART at SUNY New Paltz, New Paltz—Most visitors to New Paltz are completely unaware that the SUNY campus there holds one of upstate New York’s great art museums: The Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art. Housing multiple galleries in a large, inviting space, the Dorsky keeps several shows going simultaneously, with visiting exhibits enhancing a formidable in-house collection. This month sees the continuation of two exhibits: HUDSON VALLEY ARTISTS 2010: CONTEMPORARY ART AND PRAXIS (through November 14, Alice and Horace Chandler Gallery) presents the work of 22 artists/art groups living and working in the Hudson River Valley who “demonstrate how creative practice can operate in service of theory to effect changes in the real world.” Thanks to a donation by The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, ANDY WARHOL: PRIVATE AND PUBLIC IN 151 PHOTOGRAPHS (through September 26, Sara Bedrick Gallery) presents often intimate Warhol Polaroids and black & white photos of members of his circle, blurring the line between private and public as only Warhol can. Two new exhibits start up this month: THE ILLUSTRIOUS MR. X: MUSEUM COLLECTION AS CHARACTER STUDY (August 18 through December 12, Morgan Anderson and Corridor Galleries) utilizes photography from the permanent collection to explore the idea of the personification of objects, how their display can result in “the construction of a personality.” THOUGHTS OF HOME: PHOTOGRAPHS FROM THE CENTER FOR PHOTOGRAPHY AT WOODSTOCK PERMANENT COLLECTION (August 18 through December 12, Howard Greenberg Family Gallery) follows a similar thread, exploring how domestic environments reflect history, culture, nature, and ideology, in conjunction with the Center for Photography at Woodstock—incidentally, founded by gallery namesake Howard Greenberg. Opening reception for both, Fr 8/27 5-7 PM, and a performance by Cave Dogs at the next-door McKenna Theatre 7-8 PM. HUDSON VALLEY ARTISTS 2010 performance pieces include Marcy B. Freedman’s The Go-Between (Sa 8/28 12-3 PM) and beginning in September Thomas Albrecht performs his News/Print daily 3-4 PM. Museum is closed 9/6-10. The Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art, SUNY New Paltz, 1 Hawk Dr., New Paltz,, 845.257.3844. We-Su 11 AM- 5 PM

9/4 through 9/25- “SHY AS A SHRIMP”: A YEAR SPENT STUDYING THE ART OF CHILDREN, paintings by Jacinta Bunnell and friends at KMOCA (Kingston Museum of Contemporary Arts), Kingston—When she’s not designing delightfully subversive coloring books, or brainwashing female arm wrestlers into allowing her blatant rule manipulations (as Magenta Delecta, B.R.A.W.L maven), Jacinta Bunnell is also an accomplished painter. Having been influenced by the artwork of children in her life, she created this collection of mixed media paintings over the course of one year, and with this exhibition will be showing the works alongside the kids’ drawings that inspired them. To quote Jacinta: “Children make art without trying to get paid or get famous. They typically do not dwell on whether art is good or bad. The art they make represents the very alive pictures within their imaginations.” Opening reception Sa 9/4 5-7 PM. Kingston Museum of Contemporary Arts (KMOCA), 103 Abeel St., Kingston, Open Sa 12-4 PM, by email appt.

9/4 through 10/31- Collaborative Concepts presents THE SAUNDERS FARM PROJECT 2010 (sculpture), with special performance by Marcy B. Freedman, at Saunders Farm, Garrison—Established in 1999 as a non-profit community of professional artists, Collaborative Concepts has produced over 40 exhibitions of regional, national, and international works across the Hudson Valley. This 58-piece exhibition—now in its fourth year—has the distinction of residing on the rolling grounds of a functioning farm. Which means that the pieces must not only be aesthetically interesting, but “cow-friendly,” meaning no holes in the ground, sharp edges, or dangerous angles, as well as being weather- and cow-proof. Visitors are provided with location maps and suggested walking routes; boots wouldn’t be a bad idea. Performance artist Marcy B. Freedman brings an added dimension this year, with “The Farmer’s Daughter” (9/4, 1-3 PM, other dates TBA) where Freedman takes a participant to a secluded spot on the grounds, asks him/her to close eyes and listen, and then describes a piece of art that exists only in the mind. Pretty cool, huh? Saunders Farm, 853 Old Albany Post Rd., Garrison, 845.528.1797

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