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June Theatre Highlights

Sa/Su 6/12 & 13- Kaatsbaan International Dance Center presents MYSTIC IMMORTALS—THE MUSES OF MODERN DANCE at Kaatsbaan Studio Theatre, Tivoli—The internationally renowned dance performers and historians Dr. Jeanne Bresciani of The Isadora Duncan International Institute; Jody Sperling of Time Lapse Dance; and Livia Vanaver of Vanaver Caravan will perform the New York premiere of Mystic Immortals—The Muses of Modern Dance, with choreography of Isadora Duncan, Ruth St. Denis, and Loïe Fuller. In addition, Arlene Sterne will do the voices of the muses, and a photography exhibit—the Eternal Muse by Clara von Aich—will be available for viewing. Dr. Bresciani is the protégée of Maria Theresa Duncan, adopted daughter of Isadora Duncan, and serves as Artistic Director and Director of Education for the Isadora Duncan International Institute. She will be performing Duncan’s choreographies Roses from the South 1910; Ode to Aphrodite 1916; and Marche Heroique 1916. Kaatsbaan Studio Theatre, 120 Broadway, Tivoli., 845.757.5106 x2. Sa 6/12 7:30 PM, Su 6/13 2:30 PM

Sa 6/26- Hudson Valley Programmers Group and Woodstock Film Festival present the documentary 12TH & DELAWARE at Upstate Films in Woodstock (formerly Tinker St. Cinema), Woodstock—On an unassuming corner in Fort Pierce, Florida, soldiers stand locked in passionate battle. On one side of the street is an abortion clinic. On the other, a pro-life outfit often mistaken for the clinic it seeks to shut down. Using skillful cinéma vérité observation that allows us to draw our own conclusions, Rachel Grady and Heidi Ewing, the directors of Jesus Camp, expose the molten core of America's most intractable conflict. The pro-life volunteers paint a terrifying portrait of abortion on one side of the street, while across the street, the staff members at the clinic fear for their doctors' lives and fiercely protect the right of their clients to choose. Shot in the same year when abortion provider Dr. George Tiller was murdered in his church, the film makes these fears palpable. A conversation with filmmaker Rachel Grady follows. Upstate Films in Woodstock, 132 Tinker St., Woodstock,, 845.679.6608. Get tickets through or 3 PM

Sa 6/26- Rosendale Theatre Collective presents DENNY DILLON & IMPROV NATION, improvisational sketch comedy at the Rosendale Theatre, Rosendale—Those in the theatrical know up in these parts have long been aware of Actors & Writers, a loose confederation of enormously creative folks who have yearly performed during the pleasant seasons at the Odd Fellows Theatre in Olivebridge. With the arrival of the Rosendale Theatre Collective, Actors & Writers have found a new year-round home for productions, and to celebrate are bringing an evening of comedy to town. Tony-nominated actress and Saturday Night Live alumni Denny Dillon has assembled this talented group—Mikhail Horowitz, David Smilow, Nicole Quinn, Davis Hall, Jason Downs, Sophia Raab Downs, and Lori Wilner—to help make the spontaneous funny…with not a script in sight! The name of the show: Spontaneous Regeneration of Improv Nation. Fans of shows like Whose Line Is It Anyway? should circle the date. Rosendale Theatre, 408 Main St., Rosendale,, 845.658.8989. 8 PM

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