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April art/highlights

4/11 through 5/24- ANTHOLOGY OF TRENDS, photography by Tarrah Krajnak and Wilka Roig, at The Center for Photography at Woodstock (CPW), Woodstock—Artists Tarrah Krajnak and Wilka Roig began their collaboration in 2004, in response to simultaneous but separate critiques of their individual work by an influential New York City artist/critic/curator. The critiques were identical: As with most women who turn the camera on themselves, the work is overburdened with emotion. This, in turn, sent them on a collaborative search for their place as artists and individuals in the art world, and within photographic history. Anthology of Trends presents three bodies of work, interpreting three periods of the photographic representation of the female. And yes, they are placing themselves in the photos, providing a constant factor in their explorations.
Opening reception and artist talk Sa 4/11, 5-7 PM
The Center for Photography at Woodstock | 59 Tinker St. | Woodstock
845.679.9957 |

Through 5/3- DUTCH EXCHANGE: Artists of the Netherlands in Ulster Country, as part of the 2009 Quadricentennial Celebration, in Kingston and Woodstock—As part of the Quadricentennial (400th) Celebration of Henry Hudson’s first visit to the river and valley that bears his name, at appears another Dutch invasion is afoot. During the spring, ten artists from the Netherlands will be living and working in Ulster County, incorporating elements of the local environment into new works over the coming months, while at the same time contributing a European perspective to the regional art scene. For starters, Willem Burgert brings an exhibit of his original watercolor illustrations to Kingston’s Donskoj & Company gallery (through 4/25), from his book Het Boek van Dirck, which, set in the 17th century, narrates the adventures of three young Dutch people who emigrate to the New World. Kingston-based artist and Dutch ex-pat Hendrik Dijk brings “Schuilbunkers,” his exhibition of photographs of WWII bunkers—there are over 200 of them dotting the countryside of his home country—to the Kingston Museum of Contemporary Arts (through 4/25). Meanwhile, Woodstock Artists Association hosts “The River,” a regional juried exhibition of art (through 5/3) in all media, exploring the history, people, ecology, landscape, industry, conservation and politics of the Hudson River—juried by Niko Vicario, Center for Curatorial Studies, Bard College. More Dutch artists are coming through all summer, and this won’t be the last you hear about the Quadricentennial, that’s for sure.
Donskoj & Company | 93 Broadway | Kingston
Kingston Museum of Contemporary Arts (KMOCA) | 103 Abeel St. | Kingston |
Woodstock Artists Association Museum | 28 Tinker St. | Woodstock |

Through 4/27- THE QUAD SHOW, at vanbruntgallery, Hudson Beach Glass, and vanbruntgallery@moxie, Beacon—Told you, this Quadricentennial business is for real, with celebrations starting this month in Beacon as well. The centerpiece of this three-gallery exhibition is a new fifteen-foot wide three panel painting by James Westwater entitled appropriately enough “River.” Also contributing are five other artists including Joseph Diebboll of the Highland Studio in Cold Spring, contemporary landscape painter Christie Scheele, and photographers Stefan Hagen, Michael Sibilia and J. Gilbert Plantinga. Each artist brings a distinct style and point of view to the show which references Henry Hudson, the famous explorer of days past, but is more concerned with explorations of current times, places and states of mind.
The Quad Show is at three locations on Main Street: vanbruntgallery, 137 Main; Hudson Beach Glass, 162 Main; vanbruntgallery@moxie, Moxie Salon and Beauty Hub, 544 Main.
845.838.2995 |

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