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Hortus Arboretum & Botanical Garden /​ Open Garden & Art Day

by Editorial Staff

Visit Hortus Arboretum for a free
Open Garden Day featuring Art in the Gardens—
June 26th  2 – 5 pm. 76 Mill Road, Stone Ridge NY 12484

A rare and serene botanical garden full of unusual, some edible and beautiful plants, lovingly created & nurtured by Scott Serrano & Allyson Levy, Hortus Arboretum, in Stone Ridge is both a garden and a gallery.

Featuring Art by Sergey Jivetin and Karen Lovenguth

Seeds and stories by Sergey Jivetin.  Furrow Project description:

Sergey is an artist-​​miniaturist working with heirloom seeds as a conceptual and physical medium. For the past several years he has been traveling the continental US with Furrow project, connecting with a multitude of people and organizations that contribute to seed advocacy, collecting their stories and depicting these on actual seedpods through the art of hand engraving. The project’s website is Seed Engraving

American Chestnut series.smFurrow project is intended to be a conversation starter on the subject of humanity’s ever-​​present desire to alter nature, an invitation to reexamine the very complex motives and consequences of domestication. Seeds are a powerful metaphor containing a wealth of histories and associations. Carving an artistic mark into the seed will physically help to release the organic energy contained within, but also liberate these topics for open dialog.


Audience members who want to participate in the project are invited to bring seeds with individual significance to be engraved with the interpretations of their respective stories and will get to take their engraved seed home. Limited spots available to reserve a space sign up -
Seed Engraving Reservation


Sergey Jivetin’s Bio:

With an extensive background in metalsmithing, jewelry design, and engineering, Jivetin brings his skill set of a master craftsman into every art experiment, transforming ordinary materials into potent conveyors of meaning. Sergey Jivetin’s art presents miniature elements in unexpected settings to examine humanity’s convoluted relationship with nature. Growing up in Uzbekistan, the site of one of the greatest ecological disasters of the 20th century especially heightened Jivetin’s sensitivity toward the preciousness of natural resources and their management.

Since coming to the United States in 1994, his practice has expanded from wearable pieces of jewelry to include experimental flatware, scientific and medical apparatus, sculptural objects and site-​​specific installations. He is the recipient of numerous accolades including fellowships from the Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation, Peter S. Reed Foundation and New York Foundation for the Arts. Jivetin’s work is in the permanent collections of many public and private entities, such as the Smithsonian Institution, Metropolitan Museum of Art and Dallas Museum of Art.

Furrow  Project


Karen Lovenguth Sphere2013Bronze 24 x 24 x 24 in. (1)Bronze sculptures of Karen Lovenguth

Intending to loosen the constraints of confinement, the series Unraveling is free. Drawn in air, delineated with changing light and shadows, the golden lines of the bronze explore and project contours. Space inside and out and around, the skeleton vessels sit on natural stages green with life. Their purpose is to be practical and dynamic and in sync with their surroundings. Enabled by an innate strength they withstand the seasons as change is always a certainty.

Building thin organic coil like structures in clay, the bronze form is taken directly from the fired ceramic originals. The technique is called lost wax or cire perdue, a method in which molten metal is poured into a mould that has been created around a wax model. The wax disappears as the metal takes its place to leave the final casting.  The final patina of these sculptures is the bronze itself.  |  Karen Lovenguth



8a288ef4-69cd-47e3-bd16-a9925121d023Come visit the gardens!

Hortus is now open only with advance reservations
for timed admissions on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and certain holidays.
76 Mill Road, Stone Ridge NY 12484

Click here to reserve tickets.





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