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HERS & HIS… 25 Years of Art and Marriage at UCCC’s Muroff/​Kotler Gallery

by Donna Calcavecchio

I recently visited Hortus Conclusus, Allyson Levy and Scott Serrano’s innovative, adventurous garden in Stone Ridge. When I saw the images on the gallery card I got an unexpected, delightful surprise. Way back in 2009 when Roll Magazine was still a print publication we had selected Scott’s painting Bearded Pirhanna Pitcher for our cover image.
COVER.9.10.09This was one of my favorite covers of all so I was thrilled to learn more about the artist.

Allyson and Scott’s story is a fascinating, compelling saga of how art and life interact.

Transplants from California, (they’ve been living in the Hudson Valley for 20 years), they began cultivating different plants for use in their art work. Allyson selected plants for their flowers, leaves, and seeds to incorporate into her encaustic paintings, while Scott chose plants to attract a variety of insects and to breed wild American silk moths for his drawings. What began as a vehicle for their art has evolved into a botanical garden and level II arboretum called Hortus Conclusus.

UCCC - CircaliaTheir creative processes are on opposite ends of the botanical art spectrum— always making art independently of one another— being inspired by similar subject matter yet equally connected to natural history and science.

There is exquisite beauty and depth to these works. To see for yourselves, visit their art work at the Muroff/​Kotler Gallery and then visit the garden. You’ll be deeply moved by all that they’ve accomplished.

Hortus Conclusus, a botanical garden and level II arboretum is located in Stone Ridge, NY.
For all and everything about the garden visit their website here: Hortus​.biz

Featured image; Scott Serrano, Detail–Bearded Pirhanna Pitcher.

HERS & HIS… 25 Years of Art & Marriage
A Selection of Works by Allyson Levy & Scott Serrano
August 31 —September 28
Opening reception Friday 8/​31/​18
5 pm— 7 pm

SUNY Ulster, 491 Cottekill Road, Stone Ridge, NY

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