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Even with the tightened economy, most people understand that the value of higher education is worth the cost. Labor statistics show that people with at least some education at the collegiate level fare much better in the job market than those with only a high-school education or less. In fact, recent data from the Department of Labor show the unemployment rate for college-educated workers is half that of those with no college education experience at all.

In times like these, many people look to improve their marketable skills, and some explore new career options entirely. When the labor market tightens, those with the best education and skills are often the ones in the best position to weather the tide. Adults often return to school in such times to improve their resumes, acquire new skills, or change career paths. Here in the Mid-Hudson Valley, we have no less than eleven schools of higher learning to explore, from community colleges to Ivy League.

Parents of children at the primary and secondary level will find options here as well, to help them choose the school best suited to a child’s individual needs; a choice that can make a positive difference in that child’s success and overall development, now and later in life. Most private preparatory schools offer special programs that give more individualized attention to a child’s progress. Some schools also adhere to unique approaches to education that differ from the standard classroom setting and methods, which can make all the difference to children for whom a typical classroom experience is not the best option.

With so many choices around, Roll Magazine presents this special section; Hudson Valley Education, with detailed information about each school and its unique programs. We encourage you to also check out the schools’ websites for additional information.


Berkshire School

School Information:

Unique Facts: Pioneering programs—such as Advanced Math/Science Research, Sustainability and Resource Management and Chinese languag

Berkshire School is a co-ed college preparatory boarding school offering a rigorous academic course of study. Pioneering programs—such as Advanced Math/Science Research, Sustainability and Resource Management and Chinese language—coexist with advanced sections and AP offerings in all disciplines. With a range of artistic and athletic offerings, a state-the-art academic building, a brand new 117,000-square-foot athletic facility, and national recognition for its efforts in environmental conservation, it is an extraordinary setting in which students are encouraged to learn, in the words of the school motto, “not just for school, but for life.”

245 n. undermountain rd | sheffield, ma
413.229.1003 |

Dutchess Day School

Dutchess Day School

School Information:

Unique Facts: Explore learning as part of a small community 178 students and 32 teachers—in warm, friendly surroundings

Education at Dutchess Day is an active enterprise, led by a talented faculty who love to teach. Our teachers design imaginative curricula that spark an excitement for learning. Our country setting provides wonderful venues for science and environmental projects, computer and library centers provide high tech resources and our two gymnasiums provide many opportunities to develop athletic skills.

Dutchess Day School seeks students of good character and motivation who have the potential for academic success and who will contribute to the school community. The student body is representative of diverse economic, ethnic and religious backgrounds. Financial aid packages and before and after school programs are available.

415 route 343 millbrook, ny 12545
845.677.5014 |

High Meadow School

High Meadow School

School Information:

Weekly specialty programs: Spanish, Art, Music, Dance, Physical Education

Teacher/student ratio: 1/10

Year Established: 1984

Grades offered: Pre K-8

In the heart of Stone Ridge stands a beautiful 19th century brick mansion, a progressive school that puts each child at the center of a challenging curriculum that employs experiential, instructional, and integrated learning. As students move to the Upper School, Science and the Arts become the focus. The extraordinary teaching staff brings experience, innovation, and a wide body of knowledge.

Call 845.687.4855 for an appointment.

Meet our teachers at our Open House November 5.

stone ridge, ny | 845.687.4855

Hawthorne Valley School

Hawthorne Valley Waldorf School

School Information: Serving Pre-K –12

Special Programs: Spanish, German, Drama, Athletics, Chorus, Orchestra Handwork, Woodwork, Painting, Weaving, Sculpture, Metalwork, Stained Glass

Accredited by New York State Association of Independent Schools, New York State Board of Regents, and a Member of The Parents League of New York

Situated on a 400-acre biodynamic farm, Hawthorne Valley Waldorf School provides an integrative curriculum that combines academic exploration and practical, performing, and fine arts with the enriching experience of interaction with the natural world. Offering:

—Kindergarten where childhood is honored and imagination is nurtured through creative play

—Lower School where students create their own books, develop healthy social relationships and a love for learning

—High School where young women and men grow academically, artistically, and socially into the creative individuals needed in today’s complex world

Hawthorne Valley also offers an Expanded Classroom program where local high school students can participate in our unique courses on a course by course basis.

330 route 21c ghent, ny 12075
518.672.7092 |


Hudson Valley Sudbury

School Information:

Current Enrollment: 60, Age 5-19

Tuition: Sliding scale

Unique Facts: Democracy, Rolling admission

The Hudson Valley Sudbury School takes a radically different approach to education. We believe that success in life is determined by a person’s character more than a specific body of knowledge. As a result of this belief, the structure of the school supports the development of qualities such as confidence, independence, resourcefulness, persistence and responsibility. With these qualities a person can easily obtain the knowledge they need to succeed.

At Sudbury schools the students create their own curriculum. They exercise their rights and responsibilities as members of an active democracy. Most importantly, they accomplish the difficult task of defining themselves.

84 zena road | kingston, ny 12401
845.679.1002 |

Indian Mountain School

Indian Mountain School

School Information:

Current Enrollment: 260

Day: grades pre-k — 9

Boarding: grades 6-9

Special Programs: Centered on the values of honesty, compassion and respect, Indian Mountain offers a strong curriculum encouraging students in a supportive environment, to strive for academic excellence, and to develop the traits of good character. The academic program is enhanced by various offerings in music, art, theater, adventure education, athletics, and foreign language.

Indian Mountain School provides a traditional education for boys and girls from pre-k through nine in a boarding and day environment. We promote moral growth and personal academic excellence in a setting that fosters a respect for learning, the environment and each other. We celebrate our international and culturally diverse community. The academic program is enhanced by various offerings in music, art, theater, adventure education, athletics, and foreign language. Community service is an integral part of an Indian Mountain education as the School strives to live its motto, “Life Through Service.”

860.435.0871 |

Mountain Laurel Waldorf School

Mountain Laurel Waldorf School

School Information:

Current Enrollment: 146 students: parent/infant/child programs through eighth grade

Student Teacher ratio: 8 to 1

Special Classes: Two languages. Grades 1 -8 eight chamber orchestra, chorus, recorder, woodworking, sculpture, handwork, games

Accredited by the New York State Board of Regents

Waldorf Schools offer a developmentally appropriate, experiential approach to education. They integrate the arts and academics for children from preschool through twelfth grade. The aim of the education is to inspire life-long learning in each student and enable them to fully develop their unique capacities. The Waldorf curriculum is broad and comprehensive. At Mountain Laurel, each student receives a full introduction to the classics, two foreign languages, history, geography, mathematics and science... the subjects today’s child needs to be prepared to meet the challenges of our world and the future— with clarity of thought, love of learning, a caring heart and confidence to initiate change. We serve early childhood through eighth grade.

16 s chestnut st | new paltz, ny 12561
845.255.0033 |

Oakwood Friends School

Oakwood Friends School

School Information:

Current Enrollment: 180, grades 6 — 12

Tuition: Middle School: $18,303 | Upper School: $21,195

5 and 7 day boarding options

Special Programs: senior year interdisciplinary courses; comprehensive community service program; independent study opportunities; academic support at all grade levels; opportunities for student leadership in campus committees and clubs; weekly meeting for worship as a time for reflection and sharing.

Oakwood Friends School is a Quaker, co-educational, college-preparatory school enrolling a diverse group of 180 students in grades 6 through 12. Rigorous academic and co-curricular programs nurture the spirit, scholar, artist and athlete in each person. The curriculum, based upon primary texts and hands-on learning, respects the minds and imaginations of students. Intellectual skills and growth are fostered by artful teaching, thoughtful assessment, and individual attention. Ninety-nine percent of our graduates matriculate at four-year colleges. They carry with them the Quaker belief that “each life speaks,” with voices that are truly their own. 5- and 7- day boarding options are available.

22 Spackenkill Road | poughkeepsie, ny 12603
800.843.3341 |

Poughkeepsie Day School

Poughkeepsie Day School

School Information:

Current Enrollment: 325

Age range: PK-3 years - 12th grade

Tuition: $8735 - $21,245 depending on grade

Diploma offered: NY State high school diploma

Financial aid available

Special programs offered: high school senior internship, intensive studies, multi-graded classes, creative interdisciplinary program, 1-7 teacher/student ratio.

Poughkeepsie Day School is an independent co-educational school serving students from pre-kindergarten through 12th grade. The school develops educated citizens with a passion for learning and living. The curriculum is creative, interdisciplinary and globally aware. The balanced program supports students as intellectually curious and creative thinkers. PDS respects the unique strength and talents of every student and each student is known and valued as an individual. An outstanding faculty ensures that all students receive the attention they need to grow as active, independent learners, ready to take up the challenge of the future as global citizens. 100% of PDS graduates to on to college each year, many to highly selective institutions.

260 boardman road | poughkeepsie, ny 12603


StormKing School

School Information:

Residential and day programs for grades 8-12

Special Issues: At The Storm King School, it is our goal to encourage, enlighten, and challenge our students.

The Storm King School prepares students for more than just college; we prepare them for life.

Nestled in the mountains and only 55 minutes from New York City, The Storm King School is a treasure among boarding schools in New York State. With special attention to establishing a nurturing learning environment, we offer students the opportunity to grow both intellectually as well as socially. Our community inspires students toward academic strength and confidence with a caring faculty in a community that embraces character, wellness, and trust.

314 Mountain Road | Cornwall-on-Hudson NY 12520
845.534.7892 |


Westchester Community College
Center for the Digital Arts

School Information:

Tuition: $150 per course

Special Programs: In addition to college students and adults, the Center offers affordable digital art classes for teens and children (from 7-17) in two summer sessions

Attend the Westchester Community College Center for the Digital Arts this summer at our flagship post-production facility in Peekskill, NY. Create art on the best post-production stations in the Hudson Valley for only $151 per course. In addition to college students and adults, the Center offers affordable digital art classes for teens and children (from 7-17) in two summer sessions. Programs in the digital arts, digital video, web design and animation, sculpture, cartooning, painting and drawing. State-of-the-art equipment, flexible scheduling and plenty of opportunity for fun and creativity.

  • 3-credit Digital Arts
  • 3-credit Music Technology
  • 2-credit Studio Arts
  • Non-credit Adult Arts Offerings
  • Non-credit Quickstart to software training
  • Day/evening general education
  • English as a Second Language
  • Pre-college Digital Arts
  • Summer Sessions begin July 6

27 north division street | peekskill, ny 10566
914-606-7300 | |

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